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well the comic is good but it seems that people have been left hanging you need to update or I fear all these people might start rioting
wish to join
I love this comic man its awesome and I think it would be awesome if I could join your team I'll put in an intro soon
thanks for your awesome comment on my first comic with nazo in it. also can I join this comic? It would be awesome if I could if not I understand.
ok here is tynar standing. I wont have a complete sprite sheet for a while due to work and school. but I will have a complete sprite sheet as soon as possible.
dude this is great I read it all and I hope I can be a valuable part of your comic
this is him
this is the character I hope he is good
ha ha
that is so funny XD
I like this comic realistic graphics very nice job
part three
end of chapter 1
can i join in with this I want some fun to
something new
ok I came up with these Egyptian gods sonicfied sprite sheets will come soon
new idea
this is just one of three Egyptian gods sonicfyed
hey GIGA-XISBASS thanks for being one of my fans I need some co-authors in on this if you want to great you just need to submit your sprite sheet if not thats fine I'll make more comics for you to read and once again thank you^^
thanks ^^
hey thanks for being one of my fans it means a lot. if you want in on this just send me your sprite sheet
second one yay
please ignore the title its now supposed to be called sonic farillion judge
the title was supossed to be different but I couldn't edit it which kinda sucks
I finnally got my first comic up on this site