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as you have no doubt noticed: I am shit at keeping a schedule. Between school and my own shitty health, I don't really have time for this at the moment. I might bring it back later, once I have the time, but for now I'm afraid I'm done.
I will be making and posting tutorials for the effects I use, since people have been asking for them and they take less time and focus than maintaining the story.
In case it isn't clear, the text bubbles with semi transparent backing are thought bubbles.
@MecanicalCH: e.png
It's supposed to be this thing. The first construct is supposed to look like a hand, which is clenched around him.
Due to
My class schedule being changed, Updates have been moved from fridays to mondays.
@n-master 367:... Crap. I forgot to add that title card at the start of this chapter. This takes place parallel to the events of overtime. At this point, knuckles is still training with shadow.
@Kurona: square-one/ Sasuke has been there for a while, he works for gun.
@Kurona: Sure, thank you for the feedback
Gemerls text boxes have been changed, this was not a mistake on my part I just wanted to switch the border and text colours.
updates will be once a week on fridays.
@Kurona: what, conducted in old japanese temples by shadowy figures obscured by a glowing purple cloud?
Okay, yeah, that would be kinda cool.
Due to
last minute job interview, thursdays comic will be arriving on friday.
And now, an explination
You can make almost identical reploids, like the police reploids but they will all have small markings that will allow them to be told apart and all of them have their own identity software, which generates a personality when they are first activated. perfectly identical reploids are both physically and mentally identical. When two perfectly identical reploids meet they will in 9/10 cases go insane and kill each other and anyone near them. That is one of two main reasons that making identical reploids is illegal. The other reason is that the only way to work around the insanity issue is to not include a identity program at all, which is illegal as it produces a highly intelligent killing machine with no morals or empathy.
Droids are robots whom do not have individual programing at all but are remotely operated by a computer which does, hence why having identical copies is not a problem.
@AlexAwesome: You have an impressive screen my friend, mine's brightness doesn't go even close to bright enough blind.
Back at last.
I was not planing to have the hiatus being this long... But well things happen. I am back now, And will not bore you with the reasons I was gone. Updates should appear on Tuesdays and thursdays starting next week. I will also be uploading the first page of this chapter on saturday.
@Koren: Okay. I mainly just make this for fun, so do what you want. Sorry for disappointing you.
@Ultimate the Hedgehog: The previous one wasn't so much a hiatus as a "I literally cannot work on this because I do not have a computer or any of my files". This one is the result of other obligations I have being to demanding for me to set aside the time to work on this properly.
And now we are back
check the latest chapter.
@M.Dailey: I already gave it to a friend to see if he can fix it. the third of april is the earliest he can get it back too me, hence the wait.