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Omnomnomnomnom. <3
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Wow. xD
I love the last panel.
Shouldn't have said that Hades. D8

Looks like Papa Cronus forgot his meds....
Andera took the words from my mouth. :P
I really think that Angela made a hasty descision. D:
But,it always makes a nice twist to a story. :3
Angela may have been a little unrational there....
xD I like,4th that opinion. :P
My mom's the same. X3
Ohhh,the priest should get it now. D:<
Do something horrible to him! Pleeeasse~?
Yeah! xD Go Bernadette! :3
Although,she may want to duck...
D; I'm sorry.Why do I have a feeling merde means 'crap'? xD
Mai epic sense is tingling. o:
xD Unknown has a point. :P
Jaques gets cooler every time.xD
Lorria definitely is awesome. :D
Mysterious chest is mysterious. o:
Oh noes indeed! o:
Noooo. D:
This is horrible. D:
*sniff* ;-;
Owl-Vampire? o:
Intresting mix. xD
See yew next year too. ;D
Aw,it's fine. :D Great art as usual. :3
Merry Christmas to you too! ^^
Oh gawd. D:
Your dad's boss?
Aw,the color looks fine,your being hard on yourself. D: Most artists have low confidence in their arts,and yet it's awsum sawks. ;D