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flare the cat
I like pokemon cats sonic cats video games pokemon cats cat cats and did I say cats?
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    look it up on wikipedea. I dare you
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It anoys me that one of the only two comments is a complant about Rebecca. I mean, sure she wasn't the best charicter, but I don't think she was the worst ether (that award goes to Shadi). The only reson I picked this screenshot was so that it was clear what show it was from, because if that is unkown the whole joke falls apart.
Man, after months of zero activity, here's two in a row.
You want the context? He's getting blasted in the eyes by a man dressed as cup ramen.
>All: rip off dragon ball z
Yami Marik trumps all in turms of creepy.
The forth wall is broke well beond repare, so I think we can stop hitting it now.
@ Lugbzurg
The red glow is the lighting on the stage. I think they hacked the game to make Sonic look like Shadow.
Fear teh porly made bucet
I didn't do it, I found it on a snapshot site. But it did invalve hacks.
Who's creaped out?
This was exeatly the same for me, 'sept i'm a girl
Am I the only one who hugged the computer when I fond out about this?
Wow, your Birthday is two days before mine.
yes, I'm still updating
I didn't make this up! Today was scary at my school... *shudder*
Wow, I would aksuly do that unless we went to a video game store
where are they going to find selter in the void?
@ Ultimate
I enevy you
Where's the blank of this?