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@Guess who: No, the moment your baby has their first happy dream, and their first smile! :D <3
Reading these comics makes me so happy! I am a proud mother of a 4 month old boy and I can relate to all these feelings you are having and I miss them!
Of course now I'm having other pleasant feelings you'll get to discover later on.
Good health to the both of you!
A mother usually knows.
I knew I would get a boy the moment I knew I was pregnant.
(I also knew I was pregnant way before the test was positive! Lol)
Wait a second..
Don't you mean... the 3 of you?
I'd like to think that it's more important to teach the kid _when_ to swear, not to just blatantly not swear. :P
But that's just me and everyone has their own morals.
I know that feeling too!
We had similar issues when naming our boy.
Before we knew he would be a boy we obviously chose a name for both just in case.
Been there.
Not too long ago even. My baby was born less than 2 months ago and I had morning sickness until the last trimester. It stopped at 9 months or so. Eased out before that luckily.

A pro tip: keep a bread ready and eat it before you even get up from bed with a glass of something sugary. Juice or something. It REALLY helps a lot.
Enjoy! Not long until you feel the babys tiny kicks inside you. <3
When I was pregnant I napped a LOT.
Comes with the ordeal hun. ;) ENJOY!
@Guest who:
I actually heard something similar FROM a doctor once! Also blood types matter, and being a non-smoker and not drinking alcohol affects too!
I usually go for the third option and put a loose t-shirt on top of them.
Then it hurts and it's sometimes difficult to breathe. Ah well.
Is so relatable! I mean i can relate SO much that you have no idea.. T___T Happens too often.
There was this one Fazer product in Finland (where i live) and they stopped producing it little by little, so first it was a treasure hunt to find them on sale somewhere and now they are nowhere and i miss them, love them and crave them. Simple donuts with chocolate filling inside. R.I.P
February 3rd, 2018
I think i have been following your comic, page by page since beginning, because i still lived with my parents when i started reading this. And in 2 different rooms so it's been more than 6 years definitely.
I REALLY hope to see the finishing of this comic.
Also I have loved to see your talents get better during the years~
Oh my!
I just re-read the whole comic and was reminded how much i love it! *-* Welcome back, hope you keep updating~ <3
The douche bag has my hairstyle..
January 18th, 2016
Old enough or just old?
Happy getting older day to you! :D Wish you will get lovely present and b-day dinner or something. :P
Friends are strength
I wish i could be your friend too! :D
Been reading your daily for 2 years now. Your life is filled with wonderful stuff, and i can tell that you would be an awesome friend.
I bet some of you thought she was gonna die. :3 nope. I take care of my rattata. <3
Lol i dunno.
Monkey be like: SURPRISE! And Kathy like: Oh god it's touching me! EWW!

No, seriously. Who doesn't go to rt. 22? :D I think we all go there just to get a little bit bigger team to face Brok later on, right? And of course Viridian forest, though having a Charmander there is op. :I