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I'm from Holland so my English is kinda bad..

I'm a huge fan of comic books MANGA USA and European ones! My taste is rather huge i like Berserk, Sailor moon, PAN, Tamara, Drain, Tomb Raider, Usagi, FAKE, Kaze ki no uta, Battle Angel Alita, Donald Duck, W.i.t.c.h. Astro Boy Simpsons and i could go on! i'm rather obsessed with comic books XD i also love video games, animation and fantasy themed books.
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a very nice cover i envy your coloring skills. You know you should open up a fan art section on the wbesite/
poor Yusha..keep going with the manga! its very cute.
Ha not bad looking :) you did the coloring nicely and don't worry a lot of artist on this website can be lazy when updating comics
i love your style it look very interesting ! good work with the panels to keep up the good work.
this reminds me when i fell in love for the first time

good manga !
aww she must be nervious seeing him how cute
you go girl!

looks pretty good if you have the time please give me advice to make a good page like this
she doesn't look to happy with the forcelookatme bishonen
the first page looks excellent :)
looking good :) hope you guys will continu the manga
prince Eric looks very cute XD sorry I'm Dutch so my English is not so good..
oh dear...i wonder who he is going to pick. Btw i like your style its simple yet smooth and attracting to the eye.