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I'm from Holland so my English is kinda bad..

I'm a huge fan of comic books MANGA USA and European ones! My taste is rather huge i like Berserk, Sailor moon, PAN, Tamara, Drain, Tomb Raider, Usagi, FAKE, Kaze ki no uta, Battle Angel Alita, Donald Duck, W.i.t.c.h. Astro Boy Simpsons and i could go on! i'm rather obsessed with comic books XD i also love video games, animation and fantasy themed books.
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NO more Monia till next year! see you all in 2010 and having a merry Christmas and happy holidays.

Here is a sneakpeak to season 2 which will be somewhere in 2010 hahaha, anyway greetings from the Monia Cast in their new outfits with new friends.
another one-shot page Christmas Tale.

Years prior to Monia, in the West Village Yofiel gives his brother Tao an early Christmas present.

Nice earnings! Tao always wanted that but..
a one page story about Prince Derion ( the OC of Alayness/DjGlorix ) on the day before Christmas, his teacher Bianca ( a rabbit ) has her birthday.

Little Derion then tries to give her the best Birthday gift.
page 7 of Adolescence
Page 6 of ''Adolescence ''
Hey guys i am back after a little time out! warning a bit of yaoi right now
I am going to take a short break from Monia. This picture is a sneak peak to a new chapter next year hope you guys stay tuned. :3
a very nice cover i envy your coloring skills. You know you should open up a fan art section on the wbesite/
poor Yusha..keep going with the manga! its very cute.
End of episode 12

Next in Episode 13 we get to see Yale's first love and how he came a rebellion
page 13 of chapter 12
Charles is the leader of the rebellion group in the ''City of Lights'' go to the comic arive and you see the chapter.
Pascale is an oc of Alayness. We always used him in our RPies where he plays a friend of Yale.
Next up: Yale tells his past and how he dealt with his issues as a young teen in an expensive boarding school.

Flashbacks will also show Yale's past lovers.
Page 8 sorry for the lateness :(
Ha not bad looking :) you did the coloring nicely and don't worry a lot of artist on this website can be lazy when updating comics

Yofiel wants to know about Yale's past
Page 6 sorry for being zo lazy with updating guys,,
page 5

Lucious is the leader of the Rebellion team in 'Tree Village'
page 4 of chapter 12

Lucious Waterfall is an old OC of mine