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-Insert pointless ramblings here- College student w/ a major in English. I dream that I'm married to Mark Pellegrino (I don't care that he's 46). The end.
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Eos omg *fangirling* I'M UNCONTROLLABLY EXCITED!
"No, Zeus, no! Don't look at the light!"
"I can't help's so beautiful!"
*zap* "Aaaahh!"
Wooing. You are doing it wrong.
Lol Kenneth I see what you did there.
Rape face~ And omg cals1607 I love your icon.
No, I did not just fangirl squeel. What gave you that idea? OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD. KENNETH YOU BASTARD STOP BEING SO PERFECT JFC.
Oh my god you guys! Dude, Jordan, thanks for tellin' me about this or else I would've had no clue it was here. Oh this is LOD Burger btw. XD
I can see my reflection in those things. D:
It made me think of a Tristan line from Yugioh the Abridged Series.
"In another few hours the sun will rise!"

Come on, Sebastian, give Scuttle some love.
YES! I was right! She's cute.
Heee...I know who it is...
JERKBENDER! Don't listen to him, his brain is obsolete at the present time.
Shiratori is not amused by their shenanigans. Poor nameless friends.
I think the universe just broke.
Second panel's all serious.
"Mmmmmno. Needs moar gay."
Could this be foreshadowing? D: PLEASE SAY YES.
Now...I can see why Zeus hates his guts later on in life.
It makes me think of Avatar. Maybe because I saw the movie a few days ago and that's what immediately popped into my head (omg moon!Yue and ocean spirit!fish-thing). This is really, really beautiful and I love the way it's all glowy. Yes.
Henry, quit being such a douche! Stop with the internal monologues and let him in before he gets sick!