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Hi, I'm Kitty. Some of you may know me as the creator of Dragonball CheeZe. If you've never seen DBC, you can watch the series on Youtube. My profile is (edit: my youtube channel is no longer available, because youtube deleted it due to copyright infringement. However, some of the first season is still up at This is the third time I've released Will and Jeff, hence the "re-reloaded".
I'd imagine it would be a bit minty, don't you think?
Since there is no actual de-evolution spray in the game, I have no idea if it's supposed to reduce stats or not. Either way, Spooksly just got a power buff, and he intends to keep it.
As much as I like the Eclipse sprites, I think I've become rather attached to Spooksly's Nightmare sprites. Plus, they offer a much better range of expression. So I had to get him to de-evolve some how, and, believe it or not, De-evolution spray was actually a thing in the Pokemon TCG.
And now, for another convenient plot device item!
I kinda feel bad for Spooksly. I mean, it's not like he wanted to attack Jeff and Lucas. He just kinda had to.
Yes, Lucas was the eighth Gym Leader the whole time. So this whole plot wasn't a complete waste of time after all!
Oh my, a revelation!
It seems to be a staple of villains to be able to escape fairly easily after being obviously outclassed. And, if you're wondering, Roll is referring to her battle with Mr. Gamble.
I don't think even Carnipuff would be able to handle five other Pokeymen at once.
Seriously, they do have guns.
Hey everyone! Back from my week of vacation and back to daily updates. Consider it a birthday break :P
Spooksly just got pwned!
Aww yeah! How convenient.