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Fuzzy Fox
Flight Leader of Team SMG
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Fuzzy Fox
February 14th, 2013
@supercomputer276 - Yes, but this is Katai not Kat.
@Jarkes- Which is no excuse. It's perfectly clear that it's making Niv uncomfortable, when she comes to check comments and finds purposefully deliberate off-topic conversations. A little respect for the author's time in hosting this comic wouldn't be misplaced.
@Muddykip64- Excuse me but how does it not make sense? They spend every day together. Now I know you wouldn't be as closed minded as to imply a subtle, but still blatant, homophobic remark now, would you? :) Love is blind, after all.
Woah woah woah- There will be no Matt X Anything- Matt's so oblivious he's pretty much asexual!

...well apart from Glandor, but that's not really my choice, Shard makes it so either way.
@Muddykip64- Err, I'm pretty sure some of those may have already happened... but thanks for the ideas!
@Muddykip64- No need to be so grim, Muddy, I'm sure one of us will come along...
Fuzzy Fox
August 25th, 2012
Ohwow- Kat pretty much killed his right arm, Periodic is gonna be piiiiissed~
This is Matt!
Say hello, class!
He'll be joining us from now on- you just sit over there behind Shard and Slash now, good boy.
@yoshi freak- Err- it also doesn't make much sense considering basset is pronounced "bas-it" and bass guitar is pronounced, well, like "base".

Just out of curiosity Niv, is the drum kit custom?

Best wedding ever. <3
They look decent, but don't forget his other ear, it's meant to be there! Also as an alternative note, you usually need more than one for comics. I find three is usually a good number!
@epicness- Hi there, you probably know me as Matt! I really appreciate how much your enjoying Shard's story about Team SMG but I think you'd be appreciated even more if you could stop spamming the comic please, it's just gonna make Shard's job really hard to reply if she has to try and make up a response to one word repeated, y'know? You're a long time fan and that's pretty cool, but that doesn't make spamming right, huh? You could set a good example for the new fans!

Stay nerdy,
@Tailsgod- These look a lot better! Perhaps some walking or sitting sprites would also be useful as a prisoner?
ALSO just for clarification, as many of you know, Matt died in MUTE. Whilst this wouldn't normally be a problem for fan characters, he lost his memories when he was "reborn". Just for ease's sake, the Matt in AQOC shall have access to ALL of Matt's memories, allowing for full answers.
Take it from a guy that knows, drama on the internet does no favours for anyone.
@Muddykip64- While that's true, Matt's too humble for that carry on.
@TouhouShake- Woops- I just noticed a typo in it, my derp- I'll go fix it and twiddle with some things I'm not happy with. Thanks!
Hi there AQOC! My name's Reshy and I'm the creator of Matt Foxx of Team SMG!

Niv recommended I join up here and I felt it was a good idea, so here I am!

Let's get started!
@Tailsgod Just a quick question; How'd you resize these sprites?