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(Facebook profile was solely made purposely for Smack/Dev/DD/etc just to keep co-authors here in touch)
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Okay... can we dismiss the copyrights stuff? What we are doing here is for entertainment, it's harmless. The permission document is for DeviantART but mentioned this just in case. Sorry about this so can we please move on ^^;
@Hyper Shadow
Getting their permission isn't really a big deal but I encountered a few problems back then in some websites, especially in DeviantART. I was harassed by few A-holes saying that I'm illegally using company property, I ignored but an admin came up and asked me to take down sprites/sprite comics despite the fact that I gave credit. Because I do not have "proper" permission to use and/or edit sprites, Of course I co-operated.

I'm sorry but I just mentioned it just in case, especially in DA >_> but not a big deal here. I just got it especially FOR DeviantART, but mentioned it here JUST in case.
This seems to a good time(?)
I made an agreement again with CAPCOM(or rather with the dude behind the CAPCOM help desk). Approved to use their sprites ONLY in certain cases, this comic including.

Anyway! I started working on "Alia's armors" once again and so far I find it pretty tricky or I'm just rusty. I couldn't correctly position the chest armors on Alia's. So far the ONLY armor I could distribute to you guys is the Alia:Force/Fourth armor. Link will be available as soon as I come back online. (School will be starting soon too! All honors and one Advance Placement class! Sophomore year will be HELL!!!)
Happy Holidays
My handwriting is just horrible here...idk why O_o

In any case! Happy Holidays guys, have a great vacation and whatnot.
And I take that one and only one Z-Pantheon is Omega?
September 17th, 2011
Apologies with High school and all. Anywho page 6! I decided to end Chapter 1 here since I gotta rush the story and decrease page numbers on this comic. And yes Chapter 1 ended so soon? I have my plans.
That's alright, take the time you need.
Uhhhh....I'll give you a hint, it's a male body part >_>;;
Reminder to keep updating if that's what you're asking.
Yeah I took advantage of that part XD
And I sorta "adapted"(think it's the right word) your comic style template. Simple clean neat. Its good.
Yeah...I'll delete this sooner or later <.<
But as of right now it'll serve as my "reminder" >.>

Reminder of the comic that is...

Influenced by Sagat's comic template... don't sue me...
This page was rushed for the sake of the update. Tomorrow I'll do the rest of the Photo-effects. As of right now I'm tired and I wanna go to sleep.

And page title....yet.....
To be honest I'm...not proud of this one, too much glow and blurs and "unappealing" SFX fonts.
Which brings me to the case, to any of those who are reading this could you please PM or comment any type of fonts suited for/as an SFX? Thanks in advance.

The blue guy (Maxis) healed himself at the 2nd panel in case you were wondering.

Max(re-named Maxis here w/o permission >~>;)belongs to
I'll just shut up and keep em coming...
Panels are choppy aren't they?
Ending the comic with an awesome 8-bit action =)

Just pure awesome.
Yep it's just you StarMario777 & ChaosSonic777
Further more, Daniel is the author and he can do whatever he wants to do,nobody can't tell him what to do.

Anyway, I haven't played megaman for years (If this weapon is somewhere in 3 - 5)so I'm guessing....gravity something? IDK
Gyro's weapon? Nice! And I bet that sonic will make a kickback in the next page.

Why do you want Megaman to be eliminated so badly? This comic is for fun and must be enjoyed. It's not like the whole Mario, Sonic or Megaman timeline will change because two of those lost =/
Zero in a new cool and awesome body? Or Omega MkII?
February 15th, 2010


Look at the spam above at StarMario777 & ChaosSonic777's comment ¬¬
This is why most people dis-able guest comments &#8976;&#8976;

Oh! And 5/5