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I have so much to learn.
How's about a cover!
Here's to a new chapter!
@fruitsnapple: hi! I meant for Daichi to be using "scouting" as a normal verb and scouting the enemy and all that but I can clarify!
but really thank you for reading!
I'm happy to complete another chapter, whew
Here's a smilin' Kaiser
uploaded cos i wanted 2
u can do that btwn chapters
i decided i wasnt done w extras
ok now im just goofin

delete later? LOL
we are a team that divides our jobs and we do teamwork stuff, yeah....yeah

Nick plays the best out of all of us...but he's not the best!!! But he's WAIT I DON'T MEAN THAT

(idk what im doing am i rping kaiser here ok ig)

(idk if i'll keep these extras here) LOL
WOW!!!!!!!! CHAPTER 4 END!! WHOO....
can u believe it...I CAN'T...OR CAN I? I can believe it? Believe it?

Thank you for reading and sticking around all this time! It means a lot!
Thank you for the nice comments too!



(PS There's always bound to be some GK extras on LOL)
i present to u another page
after much time not getting time to draw
yup, Nick runs this team bc hes the best LOL

I've been wanting to talk about Nick being the captain for so long LOL! Or, reveal it LOL

There he is, captain of the panthers
if not him, who did you think it would be? was there even a question of who the captain was?

this next week or so I think will be pretty (extra) busy o_o)9 sooo hopefully I can update soon

Thanks for reading!

PS, I put a new banner on the Archive section of the site! Pretty neat...I didn't know what I was going to do w/ that drawing, but there it is! Check it out 4 more panther vs. panther

PPS Thank you for the nice comments T_T!
aw Daichi that was....unexpected? nice? I guess

I kinda tweaked the layout a little + my icon and it feels sooo weird idk if ill keep it atm :o

I liked smiling Kaiser as my icon tho...hmmmm!
Thaaaats right Kaiser's team uses the fields in the back of the fields the not-fields, the extra-fields, the, unimportant fields

im going to sleep now
(as always thank you for reading!)
Kaiser's just tryin' his best to even catch up!!!
and this update its not just Kaiser furrowing his brows!!
look at this pitiful pile of boys, all these boys have no energy
anyway HI
*out of breath from life*
I just found out my schedule is going to be VERY busy for a while........*sweats a lot*
I still want to update though!
As always I'll update when I can!

Thanks for reading.
Heya! look at all these lazy boys!!!! TCH

For real I see myself getting very busy again in the coming weeks and....WELL, we see what happens (I'm still rarin' for some comics!!!!)
aw Kaiser

Thanks for the comments :'u! criesss u guys are 2 sweet! ;u;))) I'm glad to be backk

Hello! Yes GK is still going on! It’s been a while hasn’t it (aa *heart beats*)

OKAY SO, struggles with confidence and motivation aside, life has been so busy LOL. For a while I didn’t time to even think about GK! (IT MADE ME MISS THEM. Why i gotta think about life when I could be drawing eyebrows! and soccer!) I'm hoping to get back into drawing soon.

Anyway, thank you so much to those who continue to still read my comic and have stuck around this whole time! REALLY! Thank you for the nice comments too! It's always so nice to read, idk how 2 express it LOL

I still update when I can, but I want to make it more often. I have plans for these soccer boys!
thank you so much!
Kaiser is so rude srry

WOW!! 100 pages LOL....O GOD
Thank you so much for reading this far LOL
Esp if you've been around since the beginning!

I'm glad 2 update....
thank you so much for the nice comments!

hi thank u for reading im glad 2 update
ive been so busy lately....
thanks again for sticking around!
aaa hello again !!
Finally we see more panthers! IM EXCITED TO DRAW MORE TEAM...

SO I'm moving for school soon and it's hard to say how much time I will have for drawing GK. All I can say is that I'll update....when I update! ( o_o)9

Thank you for sticking around for GK, it means so much! LIKE SO MUCH!
AA It's been so long
I've been stuck trying to figure out some life stuff as well as experiencing some difficulties drawin' lately LOL

I want to get back into drawing more though. At this point, updates will def be sporadic OTL

also wow 350+ fans!! Thank you so much for sticking around for Goalkeeper ;_;)/
Thank you so much for the comments too!

PS/reminder that I have a tumblr where I post a lot of GK extras!
aa its been a while LOL
I've just been struggling with school and drawing LOL I wanna update more!!

ALSO Thank you for all the nice comments! Thanks for reading and sticking around , really ;u;