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97% of teens would cry if they saw Robert Pattison (Edward Cullen from Twilight) standing on top of a sky scraper, about to jump. If you're one of the 3% who would sit there eating popcorn screaming "DO A FLIP YOU SPARKLY FAGGOT!" then copy and paste this in your profile!!

If Justin Beiber was on the edge of a six story building 70% of teenagers would be crying. 27% percent would be laughing. 3% would waste their energy running up six stories of stairs to push him off. Put this in your profile if you are part of that 3%

I know this because my inner teenager never died

Current avatar- Meme I came up with when people were annoying me with the "Cory in the house is an anime" meme.
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Someone needs to tell Mana that there's more to life than video games.

Though if that happened, Mana's brain might shut down.
being a protective sister to Penny is turning her into a female Warren
Too bad you never got the wiiu, it had Earthbound on the eshop
anime logic
Where you can yell out the name of your attack, and opponents still can't react in time to dodge.
Ket turns blue when she blushes?
Alright, here's my switch friend code.
4072 - 2923 - 1139
And if you advance in that story, you'll learn new sounds for the little guy to make.
Only thing I can think to say is better said when we see some TRUE stupidity from Mana again.
If he only knew they were actually trying to fail.
You only have yourself to blame if others think you're an idiot.
welcome to the BotW team Butterscotch. If anyone wants to, I'll trade Switch friend codes.
wah wah waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
caught up on all the updates finally
@nissie: just finished catching up with this story.

btw, page 16 of chapter 10 is missing.
I don't want to complain, but where is page 16?
oh man, now I'm curious!
That's what you get for just taking his word for it.
image no show
She's like a female version of Subaru from the new anime My Roommate is a Cat. He feels uneasy talking to people as well.