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Serenade was able to answer because he prerecorded his answers. He is just that awesome. He knew was going to lose and sent a message to Mamoru.
Glass Cannon
So this Raijen armor has lots of firepower, but makes him a big target.
It is just a scratch
She barely felt it, but it left visable scars on her body.
I just discovered your comic 11-16-2016 and I think I am going to spend all day getting caught up. I miss Top Gear! So far I identify more with Atticus than any official Pokémon hero.
@Guest and DracheLehre

I may not be on HER team, but I am glad that she was allowed to come back. I will always pick Sonia over HER.
The Other Guys
@DracheLehre: What about BowlMan.exe and MistMan.exe? You had to fight them to get access to the Undernet? They might help the Under King.
So now he can create afterimages? What other anime power ups and attacks can Serenade do?
Super Mario RPG
I like the broken chains on DK (the third) it reminds me of the gorillas in Super Mario RPG.
The Soulless
Mayl: Lan, you have no soul!

Lan: I'm sorry, but its true.
Maybe we will see the rest of the DK crew. Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Kiddy Kong, Funky Kong, Chunky Kong, Tiny Kong, and Lanky Kong. Have Cranky Kong (Donkey Kong the 1st) lead these young Kongs into battle.
DC Aquaman: Come on Spoutman! You can do this! You will not disgrace the name of Aquaman! I have spent the last 40 years proving how bad@$$ I am! NOW GO OUT THERE AND KILL THAT NINJA!
Aqua Shot
Although, Aqua "Style" did not charge faster than the others, it could be used to turn lava panels to normal and slow down anyone on Sand panels (Wind/Grass did extra damage to people on Sand). It could also force Desertman.exe to stop moving for a few seconds.
Undershirt + Wood
As DraccheLehre pointed out it is easy to abuse the power of Wood (on Grass) + Undershirt. I believe it was at its most powerful in game 3 White/Blue where you regained life so fast that as long as you were not hit with Fire or something that destroyed the grass you could not die. Later games slowed down the Health regeneration speed to "balance" the game. Heat style was still OP compared to the other elements.
Double KO
Tie! Both combatants achieve Knock Outs at the same time!

I remember that Plantman's OP status made him a favorite of mine. He was the first of the V4 chips I got (I got Fire Team when I finally got to the end of the game). I still hate Aquaman because of everything in BN3.
Aquaman Debate

Batman vs Aquman is just a popularity contest. Batman would beat most heroes in popularity. Evil/Crazy Superman is an easy go to for making other superheroes seem more important. Injustice: Gods Among Us (game and comic) was built to make other heroes seem more important (mostly Batman) so any threat to Superman was taken out before the game's story starts (in the comic). As for Aquaman being taken seriously, his New 52 comic is all about people in the New DC universe believing the Superfriends stories were accurate for all heroes.
Aura Debate
On the subject of Bass's missing Life Aura, I think that it was Bass resorting to using Dark Chips that cost him the Life Aura. Dark Chips first appeared in BN4 and that was the first time Bass missed his Aura.
Aquaman is a Bad@$$

Either you are joking or you know nothing about DC's King of the World aka Aquaman. He may be useless in a show where punching is against the Censor's rules (Superfriends) in the comics he is richer than Batman, has his own army, and has enough magic to kill Superman. His skin is bullet-proof and he can move at Spider-Man levels of Speed. He is also one of the few Heroes who is completely willing to kill anyone who is a threat.
Folder Back
If I was Lan I would make sure that Folder Back (from Battle Network 3 Blue) was my Giga chip. When it is used it restores all of your battle chips. Simply having it in your folder means you have effectively increased your battle chips from 30 to 59.
@man in black: Yukki was a high school boy who was obsessed with Magical Girl Manga and Anime so she is posed in a stereotypical Magical Girl pose.