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So... all of their friends beat each other, and they're not fighting... WOW bet the others are pissed off
Don't do it Protoman!
Don't freeze the sun!
That moment reminded me of this
Bowser's clown ride
I don't think he spend thaat much based on this comic ->
Money, money, money
well at least Ezio doesn't have a money limit (on pocket)unlike Link (which sucks when you get a treasure chest and you reached your rupee limit, cuz Ezio doesn't need to obtain an adult/giant wallet). and while I'm on the subject how does a bag (Ezio's) keeps more money than a Bank!!!!
then he turn i his homework and gets an A, because it had a dead threat against the teacher. JK
I just had an idea from this comics. What if Kaxen leaves the house and leaves the door open then altair or desmond run to the door to try to escape but Kaxen later closes the door on his/their face(s)
lol Desmond does look like a monkey
I've done on both 1st & 2nd game. After kicking them in the nuts he slash 'em.
I didn't knew they did that back hurts by even talking/typing about it...Altair can't type lol....
to misslich wether there's a hole in the roof or somebody (looks at altair) cut her in half
shouldn't there be a time paradox when desmond and altair. LOL JK stuff doesn't have to make sence sometime.
I don't know why but when I saw altair and desmond together I imaging a comic with Altair telling Desmond to repect his elders (don't know why), because (I think) altair is one of desmond ancestor....Is he I forgot?
...Sort of a random comment....
I was wondering if you made it 8-bit because of mario and his Mario Bros 3 costumes, because you might of gotten them from the place where alvin earthwarm from super mario bros z, man those videos are awesome!
The old days
Goood times....goood times.....
It would be funny if as soon as he touches it mario turns to racoon mario(or the one with tail and ears in mario bros 3)
Bad move
Mario & Luigi should of used there spinning attack
murry yoshi.......interesting
maybe Mario thought it the toad was girl for too many head hits.
man Shikamaru_Nara is annoying
I agree with candygirl, but 30 punches to shikamaru_nara
what haven't played mario rpg
how come some of U haven't played Mario RPG its a classic