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Sha Gojyo
I love this comic I reeeaaally dooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
XD I love this XD And Oh dear XDDD Hahaha I just had a horrible Idea xDD If a girl gets impregnated everytime Hilla talks XDDD Tonic could use that as his " Device" with his ARtificial BEAVERATION!"
Ok No Idea how to work this thing.. But Woot.. up Filler art?
LOL Hilaruos I love this comic XD
Sha Gojyo
October 9th, 2006
The Guy...
He Reminds me Of Ran From Weiss Kruez more commonly known in the states as Knight hunters.. The Earrings are especially reminding o.o Wow
Praise be to the fish
XD OMG!! I love This Comic it never ceaces to amuse me ^^ Ahaha Yuki Bwuahahaha! XD He Reminds me of Some anime character o.o; actually quite a few XD I lovesh Ryoko though Who The hell am i kidding I love all the characters :P
Heheeh I lovesh this XD It's awsome
It does look cool..
OMG!! I freaking love this.. It's funneh and the art..n.n; waaaaaaaaay better then mine..
Rain is really dull acid
Yeah I hated that I was trying to get my craptastic one oging :P Well in any case I love One Last Request I reread it while awaiting the updates...