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HAHAHAHAH I laughed out loud
Trench coats remind me of rick astley
I am appearing in this comic way too often lately haha
Then WOW. I think I could understand a "misunderstanding" of some sort. That is so strange of her that she'd change her mind within a week. I know it sucks, not saying it doesn't....but def think of it as a good thing in the long run. If she's able to be that fickle before you even date, be glad you weren't more invested in the relationship. :T
Did she actually call it a date or what she thinking it was just hanging out?

In any case, it was totally uncool of her to say what she said through a text, imo.
October 11th, 2010
I am loving your art lately, Johnny.
Good luck on your date! c:
October 2nd, 2010
I am a shamefully lazy artist. :/

But wow so different than my last comic from a few months ago: !

What'd he do?
hahahaha liam
fresh baboes.
It's not the most popular genre of music (in the world, I suppose it's very popular in the south haha), It's just that people are much more spread out in the south and they need more radio stations to reach everyone. That's why there are more country music stations than anything else, but actually rock music is the music that is most popular. B)

I know random things like that because I took class on mass media. ;D
Oh man I saw that ages ago but it was so good.
SO DEPRESSING but so good ;___;
Oh god, that house doesn't seem that awesome. :(

Hopefully you can get to a library or some place with wifi like panera bread or something at least.

At least you can still use your phone to call people/text? Speaking of which, I lost your number when I got a new phone :c
80 is too hot for me, I can't even imagine anything over 100 for days and days. I mean, it SOMETIMES is 100 here but not that much. I would die. .____.
That sounds wicked awesome! I think WWII is fascinating so I would def read that graphic novel when it's finished. :)