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Brad is a college student who is an avid cartoonist and gamer. He works at Disneyland as a restaurant host, and as Guest Control.
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crashing the party
The party that the cast crashed was that of Helena Bodham Carter. She has her birthday today as well.
My illustration project
This isn't a comic, but rather, the reason why we haven't had a new comic. Spent the entire week working on it for my Illustration mid term.
The comic makes about as much sense as the actual game. :)
Actually at this point in the story the army had already blown down the giant tree that was sitting on top of the unobtainium deposit.

The Na'vi had set refuge at the sacred grove away from the site, and the unobtainium. So yeah nuking it would have made sense.
With a Tactical Nuke as the 25th Kill Streak reward, where do you go from there?
sorry, it took me too long to make this, life has been crazy with work and school and all, sorry again.
This is a fishy story, I can neither confirm nor deny whether or not Felicia Day smokes.