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Amateur writer, minister, aplolgist, part time fancomic writer.
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    John O. Smith
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Higer rating
I rated it five smiles? Why? Because the machine won't let me rate it any higher! Nice tribute! Mr. Gaines would have loved you!
I love our mistress! She is such a star! So much grace and poise mixed with some Rod Sterling Twilight Zone/Night Gallery kind of thing. Too bad you don't have a dandy story teller to go with our lovely hosts.
And the question is, what happened to the BEKs... MWAHAHAHAHAAAAA!
Okay, this is getting messed up! I don't know who to trust now!
And again...I think Mr. Nice Kid is really the monster here.
Beware, folks. Think "Twilight Zone" or "Night Gallery": nothing is ever as it seems. For my money, the one that wants to buddy with them is the real monster.
Here is the latest. Sorry for the delays, but, as we have been asking, we need help in the drawing department. I would say, if we do not get help, this is about the rate at which you will be getting new pages.
Sorry this has been a long time in coming, folks, but if you should chance to read the news report I posted, you'll understand why. Yet, thank you all for sticking with us.
Understood. Trust me, I just thought her younger, that's all. Trust me also that I have respect for the lolita style. I love the statement one said, and she said it was proving that beauty does not mean ripping almost all your clothes off, and beauty did not always mean sexy. There is a beauty and grace to modest dress, and especially in that style of dress.
Camelia looks to be about 12 or so.
I always wondered what her hair color was. I can't remember: how old is she?
Sing along! Jurassic Park is frightening in the dark, all the dinosaurs are running wild! Some one let T-rex out of his pen... Well I know they're out to harm me, cause they sure don't look like Barney, and I know I'll never come by this way agaaaaain!
It all seems too cute. Waiting for disaster to strike.
Is this a site for original material only, such as this one?
Wow! Indeed, she is our mistress of the macabre! She's a lolita girl and Rod Sterling all rolled into one. I wouldn't be shocked if she started to say, "Picture yourself in another dimension; not of sound or sight, but of mind..."
That poor thing. I sure hope she's not always the butt of the joke all the time. Ugh... I just realized what I just said...
Ooh.. This can't end well...
And you all one day find your true love. And, remember, the definition of love in its purest form: to give completely of one's self to another, asking nothing in return.
Once again, unless we get a new artist to help, this is about the pace you will get updates. Sorry.