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Shuka Dunn
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Horus is all, "OHSHIT"
And Hidukul is all, "BUHUHUSTUPIDOLDMAN."

It does defy nature. Huh.
Well, anyway. Keep up the amazing comic-making work.
My birthday is February third. Be nice - give me a b-day present. >:D

Just kidding. Post a comic, and I'll be extremely happier than I know I'll be. (I dun wunna be 18.)

I can't wait to see where this chapter goes. :)
I love the suspense, but at the same time, I don't. And everyone who is freaking out cracks me up.

HOW WILL IT END? Who knows.
Psh, love us? I think you'd rather just torture us.
Rofl. That probably tingled a bit.
Consensual, because I can't see either of them being sick enough to rape. Buuut, I'd like to see some of Dake's kinkiness someday. 8D

Meanwhile, I'll walk away now before I get into a long, unnecessary argument on this amazing comic.
IT IS AMAZING, that is why I read it. I don't care how long it takes for an update, I'll crawl back every time because I <3 it :)
Punch her in the throat, Lyle!
Can I has her boobs?
Lol, that's what you get for note expecting the worst.
-stare- SUSPENSE! Anyway. Fantastic art.

Can I keep it?
You're welcome. Still love your comic, and I hope you're able to keep it this interesting all the way through.
Fuckin' sexy.
Y'ouch. I think that might've hurt.

That is one way to completely destroy any closeness with a twin.
Oh man...
Shuka Dunn
July 23rd, 2010
-clicks tongue-

What happens now?
Now he's gonna lose a leg and trim his beard. Then Horus is gonna have to be his booty call.