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Lea Taiyou
I'm Crazy. Totally and utterly. I'm also an anime and manga freak and a bookworm. I love being me.
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    Lea Apricitias
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Me! Me! even though shipping to here is ususally expensive...
Haha, first comment on any of your stuff, but I've been following you for years, and I just wanted to say I really love your work ^_^ Thank you for sharing it with us ^_^
Thanks for telling us ^_^
I just read this whole thing because a friend reccomended it is just so wonderful. Really sweet, and the concept is excellent. I (serious) cannot express how much I love this comic without sounding like an idiot. Great job ^_^
Well...this was a "if Ella can do it so can I, and besides I am really bored"
but then I spent way to long on it...and began to really hate my mouse...and realised that I was expecting to much of myself for something drawn on stopped trying to fix it. I still want to though.
Though I AM proud of the cookies...
I will *cougheventuallycough* post some actual drawn hee?
Now that the back computer is back and the scanner again avalible...when I stop being lazy and kick a certain Mushroom off...and stop making excuses...I will post something. A comic, even...tee hee ^_^
She's quite cute, really. I like her...
Is he talking to himself? or us? or who?
Nice cage!
UPDATE OMG! sorry, sorry. I love your scenery dammit, wish i could do it...
yay, update! nice pegasus!
he has no legs...
oooh pages. I wonder what will happen...
Eternal Gift, definatly. but they all look good...
Hah, glad it wasn't just me, i checked the game and worked it out...
*giggles madly*'s occured to me, didn't he have longer hair? like, a pony...rats...whatever you want to call it tail? Not that it matters.
PAGES! heheheh, now I am happy. I diddn't marry him...I was going to but then I decided on...the wild guy....who's name escapes me...
School Becky
This is the summer school unifrom for the school Becky, Cornelia and Michael go to. The girls version obviously. the school colours are white and grey and the school as of yet...has no name...ELLA COME UP WITH SOMETHING! anyway, next I'll post three pictures of Cornelia and then Micheal. I've got the school Cornelia...but you guys have to wait till i do a relax and a super one as well. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....dont mind me. FIVE UPDATES IN ONE DAY! WOW!
Cute Chocolate
Super form, in colour! Cute Chocolate, out to save the world from thoses who want to take away all the candy and sweets! And look cute while she's doing it. one down, two to go.
Cute Chocolate, AKA Becky Summers! Becky is the youngest, one year younger than Sassy and Vain. She's older than she comes across, being fairly childish and loving sweets. She's the only one without a fanclub, and finds Vain and Sassy's hangerons hilarious. I need to colour this page...
Lola Lollipop
Ella and I have officialy decided we both want to be Lola...and actually be able to pull off her clothes! Lola is the Lollipop Fairy who gives Vain, Cute and Sassy their powers and narrates the comic....when i eventually get it up anyway. hehe, till then, enjoy!
I forgot...the mini fairy up the top is Lola Lollipop
The Characters
OMG a page! From left to right we have Vain Vanilla, whos real name is Michael Clarke, Cute Chocolate also known as Becky Summers, and Sassy Strawberry, or Cornelia Blake. Not The best Picture ever...and Vain is really fuzzy for some reason...But meh. That's them and their battle outfits and weapons. If you cant work it out, they are respectivly, A mirror, bells and a fan. Sassy even has an attack cry - STRAWBERRY LOVE KISS! still need to come up with ones for the others though...