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I see a Flash Man plushie :D
August 21st, 2011
That speech bubble in panel three is hard to read.
Hey look! A Nyan-Meowth!
I've got an NES with Megaman 5 and 6, among other games. I also have 1-4, 9, 10, and Megaman X on the Wii's Virtual Console.
Steal an emerald so that Sonic reverts back from Super form, and let him fall back to Mobius in flames.
Figure out what Sonic is doing.
That big group of panels at the bottom took WAY too long to make.
Wow, before this I only uploaded one real comic and got four fans. I must be doing something right with this comic.

I have a sprite ready to post, but I can't post comics... ._.
I'm having trouble coming up with new ideas for Megaman sprites, but I did recently think of some new robot masters, so I could post those here. I still intend to post something.
I'm helping Darkus with the sprites for his character, Eco. This is the first sprite for my section of the sheet.
This comic isn't actually that bad. I don't see why it doesn't have more fans...
This actually looks really promising. The plot seems very well put together, just by looking at this first page.

+Fav, maybe even a future co-author request from me.
The LAND is broken? More like Shadow Man's health bar is broken.
Mario got the Master Sword!

Now, was that so HARD?
July 26th, 2011
Yeah, I'll actually be updating this comic again.
July 26th, 2011
An update? Oh my gosh!

I won't be updating as fast as I was when this comic started, but I will be updating. I don't really know why I stopped making comics. Probably because of school. Anyway, still accepting co-authors. This comic is officially undead.