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I need to get a like, touch screen kind of thing, then I'll start making comics on here. :( I might make them with my mouse but... yeah.
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I love how the middle circle head looks at the square guy in panel 2 xD
I don't either D:
May 27th, 2009
It's just teeny bit hot D:

lol love this, faved
He see's everything...
...pervert D:
wonder what it IS he sees :O
yeah, no ._.
yeah i know this is really late to comment on, but it's the ONLY one of your comic strips i just don't like D:
if you were meaning to make it where he pulled them farther away from the screen, there should have been a panel for that :( 1/5 on this one, but 5/5 on the rest :D
I love how you always have the cute and funny expressions, and than suddenly throw in a scary looking close up.

luls faved