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ehh I'll do this later
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Sonic bribing shadow with something...

what else is new
honestly this shoulda happened a LONG time ago...and he should give up and beg for mercy...otherwise he will live with fear and despair for the rest of his life which should about *calculating anger and sonic's speed* 10 seconds.
its finally happened... sonic managed to lose all sanity and mindfuck even himself
Ryo:Holy crap
Suike:Come on let's help
Ryo:So you want to commit suicide...heh heh... be my guest
Suike:If we don't they're dead
Ryo:If we go they're dead but then we're dead too so let us live let them die
wow... here's Feraligatr defying the law of energy by blowing 1 little bubble!
okay I know your wondering but The knuckles and shadow are just disguses for 2 of Shadow Dragons spies and sorry but it could take a few days(weeks) for my laptop to be done
Currently I'm on my home comp and I don't have time to do sprites at home so Sorry
Wraith:only one thing can save us now *looks toward Ryo*
Ryo: no way am i facing that I can barely handle Suike and she is 1/20 the power of Amy!
I think he's taking rouge with him... maybe he still has feelings for her...nah
This just shows you that sonic NEVER clean his shoes
Why does she remind me of
hinata from naruto?
Don't go against it
In my comic Ryo has power but doesn't know his true power so he is truly this powerful in the card so fuck off
Is Eggman... crying?
Found them at
Anyone who has Suike in their comic flirting or kissing with someone other than Ryo Will be IMMEDIATELY BANNED!! Same with Wrath or Kumi! Retsu, I don't care.
Before I forget
Does anyone know where I can find extra sprites so I can finish!!!! Credit to Ren "Foxx" Ramos for the Sonic sprites, Dave(Hypero)Edwards for Tails, ??? for Amy and Knuckles
Look Here
I hate to say this but I'm new at spriting and the only one not there is Kumi which I am still making. Also Ryo is the grey hedgehog, Suike is the grey and black hedgehog, Wrath is the orange-red fox, and Retsu is the tanish echidna. Their colors represent their element except Ryo and Suike.( I have to use Paint.)Also I'm not done with all the sprites so wait a while for the next comic.Oh and Suike has a temper problem so mess with her and she will kick your a#^! ^_^
The first part is a ripoff of DBGT but awsome Comic YOU GUYS ROCK
SSF2 Update
they updated the ssf2 so you get to play as sora from kingdom hearts and in new stages. oh and it has ricochets so you can have sonic come back for more blasting ^_^
No.1 song is This Is WAR!!! By 30 Sec. to Mars. And don't forget it