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Uh oh. Run, Metis! Run! xD
xD Leave it to Minnie to turn something innocent into something dirty.
Hmmm.... Now I know why they have smelly dogs named Fido.
xD That's terrible. Hilarious, but oh so terrible. lmao
That's amazing.... *stares at it*
Wow, minnie was nice to metis!
Is it the end of the world already? O.o
xD minnie makes no sense whatsoever.
Anon, I believe he means quiet.
You just killed the joke. Congratulations.
O.o it's the first sign of the apocalypse!
xD Minnie is so cute, yet so mean.
Aww, this is the start of a very nice relationship. :3
Wow, lighten up, meat.

Minnie is so mean.