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I'm not on here often.
Ahh heck yeah!
*rolls around and waits for more*
I'm excited to see what happens next!
This is too awesome. 'Specially the last panel. 8D
Oooh, poor Andy. xD
FFF- moar. 8D
I pretty much find this whole page awesome.

"You're so adorable!" xD
Just. Yes.
Man he's going nuts with the guns. xD
What about the poor civilian!
And it was happily ever after. xD
These are amazing.
Just... yes. xDD
D8 ...xD Best thing ever.
Can't stop. Laughing.
xDD I love this guy.
Your backgroundssss. <3
Ahhh all the colors. 8D
You've gotten me addicted to this.
Oh jeez! His face in the 3rd panel. xD I now adore this comic.