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First of all, a warning. As in, you can't give me sugar. Or else I'd go hyper all over you.
Right, I'm...Sort of a bookworm....And....I'm Asian....? Okay, half-Asian.

Uh, I lived in Florida for a while....But I don't tan easily, so I'm really pale. Which contrasts with my black hair and eyes.

I have one older brother who's a surfer dude. And one younger brother who's a demon >.>;; And 5 sisters. I know. And one is my twin.
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And, after many long months of settling into college, I'm back!
And wow, 11 favs!
Thank you all~

Anyways, this is just to prove that:
1. No, I'm not dead.
2. This comic is not dead.
3. College is great.
4. Dark is flirty despite her evil name.
5. There is no five, I just felt like typing that in.
Amazing! I finally got around to updating!!
And I assure you, Scop won't be far behind.
Sorry we've been so out of it lately. But it's partly because we're busy settling into college.
So far, it's alright.

Anyways, hope I didn't interupt anything, SR!!

PS- @SR - I couldn't find the sprites without the cloak, so, sorry~
What BlackCatz says is true ^o^
Someone once told me that the only reason school text books were made was for the people to destroy them.

Anyways, that last panel is so full of epic-ness xD
-nods- Yup, fangirls are always full of win, no matter what comic
Whoa, that's a RIVER?!
I wonder what would happen if some unexpecting person wanted to cross the river and went THAT deep O.o That would be hilarious xD
Hey......That hair......looks so......familiar....
Teh bird in the last panel is the same as the one before?? @.@

Wow, can't wait for an update!! =D
Hey, is that the girl from last time? The one with the teacher?

I love his shoes OoO
Zak's face!!!
lol hilarious!!
I love how you draw the details on everything owo
It makes it looks real but then cartoonish at the same time >.> Hope you understood that.
Oooh -waits patiently for the next comic-
I wonder what Zak's face is going to be like xD
Just so you guys won't get confused:
The top three panels aren't in the present.
I dunno, I'm not going to spoil anything.

I should edit this later so you guys won't get confused much.

*Edit: Done.
Fifth panel was in Korean, not Japanese O_o
Sweet!! I'm going to find out what it means! =D
At least SOMEONE can guess why.....Right?
*Cricket chirp*
No one?
Ya know.......I agree with crunchyblueberry.
Lianna and Aito wouldn't make a bad couple..... =D

Jus' sayin >.>