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@Dragonicsoul: You have a point ^_^
the new enemies are cute, yesh, yesh they are.
Really really really want... really want... why don't I have any money!!!
Enthusiasm... Angels got it down
lol, I see... one enthusiastic magical boy... two enthusiasti-- no wait... just one.
I love your art O.O

It's so pretty...
yay! You're back! Beautiful art, as always... looking forward to this times story.
I'm so sorry... I've been caught up in other stuff for a while ;p; I haven't even got a proper start on my page yet...
Ack.. ok.. already my turn... ;p;
I'll steal page 54 if no-one else has it. ^_^
Fail humor is fail...
Uh, so yeah. My computer hates me and wouldn't let me edit this one bit... so it's still in my crappy hand drawn form =_= Sorry 'bout that, and the lateness...

My feet look like hoofs...

On the upside, my first actual comic page in here! ^_^ yay
My page should be ready by tomorrow. I'll hopefully have it scanned and posted beforeI go to sleep.
Hey, sometimes boredom is a good thing =P
It'd be awesome if you managed to do it ^_^
Name: Ayane
Age: 19
Specialty Genre: Rap (which she hates)
Teacher: Kamui Gakupo
Are you in the Club?: Yes
Personality: She tries to appear classy and elegant to others and constantly feels the need to preen, but really she's an enormous fangirl - especially when Gakupo is concerned.
History: She was created by an unspecified person for the purpose of singing opera. The project failed, her voice bank became glitched and the only thing she was able to sing was Rap. Because of this she was left un-named and abandoned by her creators. She gave up on singing, until she heard Gakupo's music, which inspired her to use her voice again. Now, after having named herself Ayane, she attends the academy for three purposes, One: To fix her voice bank and one day sing Opera, thus proving her creators wrong, Two: To become close to her saviour and idol, Gakupo and Three: To learn how to sing techno-pop
Extra Notes:
Item(s): Megaphone, Mirror
She wears her belt on her left thigh in order to hide her serial number (613) as it shows up underneath her stockings.
She has an especial liking for techno-pop
Is Drawn to dark/sad lyrics
Can't dance very well, she hopes to improve this through the Club
She can play most orchestra instruments fairly well
She really, really hates rap
She named herself Ayane in the hopes that the music she created would bring colour into the lives of people all over the world.
She can speak, write, read and otherwise understand English. Can read and write Japanese but not speak it or understand it when it's spoken.
lol, stealing from teachers?

Claiming page 50...

Oh! Also, I fixed up Ayane's reference picture. It's now coloured and has the correct information...
This is the new link: e.jpg
caught up!! yay!! Want chapter 8... *3*
O.O uber fun
222 was my score... T^T wanted to get to 666
So many comments... *faint*
A favourite character? Um umumumumumumumumumumumumumum..... ;3; how do I choose?!

It's probably Riona, just because she's so very very adorable and I love her originality. Don't really see characters with her kind of flaws as main characters. She makes me giggle ^_^;;
This is so cool...
I love this entire thing. It makes me all happy and giggly. You still letting people join? I have an idea for an utauloid and this would give me something productive to do...
;p; why isn't the next button workingggggg!!

understand what!?!?????????????????????

Great page as usual ^_^;;