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Hiya there! I'm FairyoftheMoon, although I also go by Fairy and Faireh.

Currently working on my Bachelor's in Social Work, and although I personally don't think I could ever make a long-story type of comic, maybe one day I'll figure out how to do short stories.

Feel free to chat with me.
@DarkMario1000: I belive it's a Lalfos. I think.
I can't believe I found this! I was reading this on DA and now I've found it here! YAY! Now I can keep track of it better.
And that's it guys! Thanks to the two fans that have faved this. I hope you enjoyed it!
More characters! Think you guys could name them all?

Also, second to last page.
July 14th, 2011
The page isn't showing up for me either.
Oh no! Looks like something bads happening.
Looks like Yakko and Rocko died. ;w;
I like how CatDog came out in this picture.
More CatDog and Deedee. <3
It's CatDog, DeeDee, and Wakko!

...Wow, I just realized how weird their names are. D=
I hope you guys are having fun guessing all of the characters! They should be familiar somehow!
Why are full body people look so Weird When I draw them? Oh, and it looks likes Zim's curious!
It looks like Yakko is leaving a trail for Zim to follow.

Rocko still has his mask on, you just can't see it since it's on the other side of his face.
Ah, you're here! You're here! Drop by and see the show tonight...

Drop by and see the show...

At the Dark Woods Circus...

It's Fun!


>l5 pages long
>Features Zim and other cartoon characters
>Dark Woods Circus lyrics translated by Balni on
>Updates Tuesdays and Thrusdays
It's Rocko from Rocko's Modern Life!
Yes I know Yakko is missing a hand. Laziness on my part.
I started this Comic awhile ago buI didn't decide to finish it til now. This is mostly a practice comic.


Link to actual song:
@Ellen_Natalie: I'm having the same problem, it's not loading at all.
Gaaahhh, Young Hephaestus is so cute. <3
This comic deserves more fans, do you know that?

Can't wait to read more! You've got me excited now to know what's going to happen next!