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Teen comic artist, card-carying dork, tall.
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    Tim James
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Considering I have THREE of the guys, I think this story will please.
Sorry about the missed updates and crappy page. :(

I'll try to make the next one a lot better and get my buffer back to a few strips over the weekend.
It's He. Just girlish.

It's Lampshaded a few strips in.
The blue haired guy is the same one from the first strip, I just changed his look slightly.

Sorry for any confusion, I'm going to try to update the first strip when i can.

First strip done in 100% photoshop! Please leave feedback on how it looks.
Happy new year!

I know they look like they have mental illnesses in panel 2.

Trying to spice up the pannel layout a bit.
It's only a few strips in, but I'll throw it out for review anyway, possibly by the time it gets to I'll have more.
The pages were a bit to big, so I shrunk them a bit.
This page looks great! Very clean yet still has nice detail.
A lens flare for the reflection opff his glasses. But I turned it up a bit high.
Very nice art on this one!Exelent angle on the first pannel. Kaylee's sisters are adorable.
As you can tell, I haven't written a sermon, Ever.
Crappit His hair changed.

Due to adding a story (gasp), better art, (Double gasp), and ACTUAL HUMOR!!!111 Eleven (OMG)

I moved it to this new, Shiney, site.
Now for easily my personal fave member of the T.I. Crew.

I present, Doctor Jackson W, PHD.

As you will soon tell, the cast member within a strip will often determine the joke. Edward will be assigned Slice-of-life and "Oh, I know the feeling" jokes.

Jackson on the other hand, Is "I think this was a looney toons plot once" style.

I am fully aware His hair in Panel 2 Sucks. >_<
Heh, I guess he does look a lot like him.

Nothing like him in personality though.
Nothing was wrong with the other pages, but I started this project as a one-shot. But I fell in love with the story, so I needed to start again like this to use my new ideas.

Plus, I want colors now.

(BF will have blood, but very little gore. Ingury is a needed for the story I want to tell, but I don't want to litter my comic with disturbing violence. The huge splatter is to impose his depraved, violent ways of hunting. Normally I will be more restrained.)
These pages are not true story, they are for my practice of honing charicter designs.

The first chapter will be made in full color.
Yep, He's major christian.

I want to take a unique spin on the vampires morality, but for the most part put them in their place.
I listened all the way through.

I'm hopeless.
Proof I'm not dead. Just busy.