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It could be a reproduction copy of an older book, in regards to the alt-text. Books that are that old cost hundreds of dollars, so unless Edy's a trust fund kid (which is entirely possible, I guess), I don't think she'd been able to afford it...
What in the.
There are also seven virtues! :D
@Xiam: He was pretty creepy.
Gary. TURN INTO MERLIN. A wizard, but a DIFFERENT wizard ;D

Also, today at Costco there was a tech sales guy who looked LIKE A REAL LIFE CREEPY TODD SALES. Needless to say, I avoided him like the plague.
I'm convinced that Creepy Todd is Milton's older brother.
I have never heard of Gary the Alchemist. Linkplz.
Edy should be Nimue, then.
@Xiam: Gary, Edy, Sophocles, and Melon have amazing adventures doing alchemy stuff to save the world. And Lizzie is CONVENIENTLY their arch-nemesis. (:
@Xiam: Hell yeah. I was a baton twirler for five years. It's like flag squad + gymnastics + classical ballet (which I also did for a separate set of five years). Trust me, doing backflips is a lot harder when you have to worry about a metal stick flying in the air at the same time.
Freaking Lizzie. She is ruining everything in my master plot of headcanon. ):<
Please. Cheerleading has nothing on twirling. ;D
Watch, Dan's going to have a girlfriend and a ton of new friends and Gary's going to be like ";____; lizzieeeeeeeeee." Or they'll watch a football game. Or aliens.

Also EDY'S CANADIAN?? Hurray! :D

I like how he hasn't talked to Dan in like a year.
And Odin sleeps with EVERYONE. /Every. One./ ... actually, so do most of the gods from any pantheon, now that I think about it.

But Loki got knocked up by a horse, soooo.
Uh huh. Riiiiiiiiiight. ;D
WOAH Edy suddenly in colour. Gary, you sly bloke you. ;D
Oh man. French 1 was literally the worst class I have ever taken in my entire life. My teacher kept shouting "ECOUTEZ!!! ALORS, ALORS, ECOUTEZ, S'IL VOUS PLAIT." every day, and then would confuse "fermez la porte" avec "fermez la bouche." All. Day.