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Hahaha omg I'm loving these last pages XD We needed a bit of humor around here!
January 31st, 2012
Don't worry!
Don't even think that you make us feel frustrated >.< Personally, I hope that you manage to do everything that is need, and then to get some relax at the end :)
I think that I'm speaking for all your readers, saying that we will wait you patiently, wishing for you that everything will be okay >w<
Awwh, Demeter is so sweet çwç
I already miss her >_<
Yay, super sayan mode on! XD
Aww, Demeter! >_< *Cuddles her*
I actually think that she's cuter than Persephorne >.<
Also if they're almost the same person... XD
I loved Thanatos in My Season, so I vote for Daylights! *_*
I don't understand ç_ç What is the favor? >_<
Awesome work however! I love your Hades and Persephone... they're soooooo cute T//////T