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I was trying to read the comic but i got distracted by the muscles on that...thing.Just plain creepy.
Somewhere in post processing,I think it's DOF.
>Check current tasks.
>Switch back to the fight.
>Use the fork to draw a symbol in the ground,just in case you get lost.
>Reflect on everything you've done in the past 24 hours
>Glandor:Use your mind powers to bend the fork.
>Greet the new customer in hopes that You don't get fired.
To answer your questions
1.The hell if i know
2.The hell if i know
Yeah,i'm here
Nothing much to say.
>Glandor:Throw the sword at the snake and run.
>Make up nicknames for both of them,in case you seem them in the near future.
>Glandor:Throw the shiny thing deeper into the cave.
Ah,Tom Bowie.The best way to detract yourself from bad things.
This is why you never take a free drink.