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I smell another pet.

lolol jk xD
can I ride? =v= lol
November 10th, 2011
Just finished rereading this epic awesomeness!!! Gotta be one of my fav bls ever~ can't wait until sifris finally lets terence in his bed, huhuhuhuhu (i feel like gwendolyn lol)
October 31st, 2011
noooooooo!!!! why!??????? i come back after so long and there's another cliff hanger.... TT^TT I shall be awaiting your next page. god's speed.... ;^;
Hmm... Now Atty won't have to buy matches or use a lighter anymore....Not that I've ever seen him use one in the first place, hahaha. Does he smoke e-cigs or what?
this comic is absolutely awesome sauce!!! the kids are so freakin damn cute!! uwah! thank you for such a nice read!! i'll be looking forward to more!! XD ~♥
it's so confusing to fav this!! i was looking for it and finally found it when i clicked on the star. maybe you should put words next to the button or something...
*drools* so many bishies... wow that's a flat chest!! it looks like there's nothing at all. XD is she wearing a wrap or something or does she not have to?
daaawesome lighting!!! i especially love the little panel on the top. ^^

dun cry ruri!! dammit rei! ur so dense!
aww, you're awesome atty, trying to cover up for DT. But since it's a charmander, i think that'd be kinda hard... can't wait to read what happens next~~ ♥
December 19th, 2010
nice start~ looking forward to how much his life will screw up~ XD
it looks awesome. i wanna buy but i'm broke. TT^TT i wonder if he likes being her shirt? (perverted thoughts, lol)
I didn't know you had an account here!! AND you'r posting up manga!! HECKS YEAH!!! Awesome awesome!! XD Can't wait for the nest page! Luv ya itachi!!