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Sweetness ^~
That was really so sweet, I am laughing ^^
I really love the pair Hades and Persephone *o*
I want more \o
I want everything xD
But Daylight fragments or Eternal Gift to beginning
I study greek and latin, that's the reason I started to see your story, well, the truly reason is that my favourite mythology couple is Hades & Persephone, I love them ^^ And I LOVED your story, it was so soft and lovely... ^^

I am still waiting to see the short after-story here ^^' I am still hoping to see it from you, since I REALLY can't buy a copy, sadly =[
Wont't you post the short story after this end? You said you would D: Please say you will!!! I am from Brazil and I can't happen to get one copy, sadly!!! Please, post the short story =[
And, I loved your story, I am so happy to read it till the end ^^ But i'm still waiting to see more coming from you, please think about the readers abroad ^_^
I really wish I could buy... but I live in Brazil so it would be expensive for me =[
So sad about that.
I love that story^^
Can't wait till the end and the short story after that ^^
Hades smiled so softly, so gently... I loved that smile. I liked the way you represented Persephone's innocense, she is so cute .D
Bittersweet, I agree. It was so cute, but also, it was sad. I hope he'll realize HIS feelings for her... then it'll be really sweet x)
She's not stupid! I think she wants Hades to stay by her side because of her, not because of a promise he made to Demeter. She wants him to like her because of her trueself...
I really wanna see Hades falling truly in love with Persephone *o*
She's so innocent ^^
Omg *o*
I want MORE *o* I badly want to see Hades falling in love with Persephone *_* I love, really love them... ^^ Your story is so cute =]