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Hi! I'm Anna and welcome to my Profile Page. n_n

I've been drawing for most of my life but didn't have any formal instruction until college. I've been into anime for almost 6 years, manga for around 4 years, drawing manga characters for 6 years and drawing my own manga for about two and a half years.

It's has been my dream to become a professional manga-ka for the past 4 years, but after researching manga-ka for awhile I realized that I need a steady income to seriously pursue it. So I'm currently attending two schools; a vocational school where I'm majoring in PC Technology and a community college where I'm majoring in web design.

And that brings me to right now; buried in over 18 credit hours worth of homework and trying to maintain a life.

What a life...

Over and out!
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hahahahahaha! too funny!
thats definitely Japanese
?_? totally lost...
what a trip :)
Lol! Love the last two panels!
I <3 your new banner! :) The red text is hard to read tho...
Lol I love the last panel. ^_^
February 27th, 2007
update update update :)
hurray for emotidrops!!!
ooooooo.... it looks so nice, I'm jealous!


Superb job!
very pretty... is that colored pencil?
<3<3<3 fluff good <3<3<3
wahhhGGGH?!!! I cannot read!!! Type too small...
Sounds intriguing... wish there were comics behind the cover... HINT HINT

other comments...

Very intriguing style.
The pen work is tops.
Some spelling and run on sentences disrupted the flow but over all...
Awesome job!
ROFL!!!!! that first panel is priceless! I love it!!!