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I've seen the 5th gen on pokemon wiki. All I could say was "OMG! What happened to the good ol' days when there was 150?!"
I think this is one of the worse things that can happen to a pokemon. *holds and comforts Xoole* Its ok lil' fella
(gasp) Salad isn't his name?! Did the government make him change it?
I'm getting better at this whole drawing thing *nudges you* eh? EEEH? No? Ok then... Anyway this is my JirachixDusknoir couple (Comet and Rory) IN THE MORNING!
Hey also I was thinking wow there are alot of character and if some of you are like me, its close to impossible to keep track of them all. So I was wondering if it was ok if I or someone made a character page thing.
The template is so cool and this page is juat so ~la <3
Lol I don't blame him. I'd be a little frightened too
I have 2 friends who are homophobic. I ask them why and one says they will rape him and the other says that its against the bible or something stupid like that. Its so annoying and they think everything is gay and get scared. -_-
Its super effective! *ko*
CAN'T DRAW RIGHT NOW! My computer crapped out all randomly and stuff and now I'm forced to shared a laptop with my computer hogging little sister who broke a hinge and button on the damn thing so its either play with this crappy thing or play with the mac that wants a password I don't have.
Busy, are you?
Hey hey everybody been busy or what? I've sorta been busy , making animal crossing gijinkas and I got a new, very addicting game. What have you guys been up to?
:X what is that?
You guys are just booming with pages today, huh?
I've never seen a fire type use a ice attack. You go Typlosion!
Yo Dawg, I herd you like mudkips
Aww sweeeet I wish I can make stars they don't even come out half way decent >_<
Looking over my old drawings, its only been a few months and I've gotten SO much better :D
Why? Because I used Devon and didn't give him a proper bio.

So let me start over ^_^

Age: 23
Sexual Orientation:bi,seme
Wears:A dark blue parka with white fuzz and jeans.
Pesonality: Very protective and quick to do things without thought.
Furrets are one of my favorites ^_^