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hahaha... he wants her to get soem action XD
3rd panel was hilarious XD
marisol will need a heairdresser next...

btw. "Vote incentive is a character from a silly comic I'm hosting elsewhere"
where's elsewhere???
i'm looking forward this arc ^^
i do't think megumi is fat...
just curvy XD
u don't have to say sorry...
Ur somic is worth the wait :D

dreamming about mitosis?? D:
that happened to me when i was in hight school... very scarry dream...
btw. i wish u success in ur exams ^^
the glomper bitch has arrived!!!
whaaaa... run for your livessss
i like where this is going :D
January 16th, 2010
Such a good girl, i love her XD
i look forward to a new year of torture in school and work...XD
happy holidays...
yes, i'll be waiting future pages...
i agree with the 2 above... i love audrie, she's sooo cool >.<

i'm waiting for the final page of volume 2 cause i know is going to be cool... ;)
ahahahaha... not the contagous one, lol XD

*good luck with the ticket
have a good christmass and a happy new year amiko...
i've loved stray crayons since i started reading it and i agree with Namineko... your work has improved greatly and i love the story...
that's an idiot for you!!!

i know is late, sorry >.<
i need moarrrrrrrr.... <333
i bet he was jealous, jajajjaajajaa XD
good thing i didn't miss that much in my ausense from smacjeeves...
i love your comic so much, is one of the first ones i check all the time for updates =D