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Made yah look.
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August 17th, 2010
I won't let it, man.
August 17th, 2010
Sorry about last week. OTL;; I went to otakon and I didn't bring my computer with me. So I'm sorry about that.

But if you have any questions concerning whatever, feel free to ask~. No question's too stupid~. Unfortunately there probably not be a comic until the tuesday after next. Sorry for the delay, but yeah...

@Tailsgod: LOLOL.. I'll try to answer that.
End of Chapter 2
Yeah... I really don't know how I got this far without doing anything worth a crap, plot-wise.

Next couple of weeks will probably just be filler, however. Sorry guy, but I'll tell you how I'll make it up to you.

Is there something so far that'd you like to know more about? If so, leave me a comment on this page and I'll do a little filler comic about it. Hope that's okay with you guys.
Fixed it. Thanks for the heads up, you guys! I appreciate it!
My word...
I'm pretty sure I've almost reached 20 pages of absolutely nothing.

@Tailsgod: xDD Nah, not yet. The earliest he could possibly appear is mid-Chapter 3. Sorry dude. OTL;

fffuuuhhhh-- I missed my deadline by like... 58 minutes... shhhyyytttt.
I added an affiliate page.
yeeaaahh, nothing too special.
Phttt... If there's enough of a want for it, I'll start another contest... but not until a while into the future.
TAILSGOD~! Congrats! Please send me your character design asap!

Thanks to all who entered the contest!
Last day for the contest.
Deadline is 11:59 PM.
Contest ends June 15th, 2010 at 11:59 AM!

All entries must be submitted by then!
Rules and Example.
OH YEAH!! I almost forgot!

Beyond Sanity is officaly affiliated with Magical Weather ILU!

Please check it out~!

EDIT:: Okay, I've tried messing with the URL, but for some reason it keeps coming up as "file does not exist".
Searching on the SJ site will bring it up or entering " " into the address bar.

Sorry,I'll try to make a note on the bug board, but for right now that's the only way I can think of that's going to work for sure.
Chick's gonna...
put on some clothes eventually.
Op... He's boned.
dat ass...

See? I told you I'd update again.
BTW:: I'll updated again in an hour or so.
It just seems to be getting worse and worse!
lolol... by that I mean these chapter pages... If it wasn't that I already started this pattern, I'd just drop it already.

I swear, this chapter's funnier than the first one.
C'mon, it needed to be lighter anyway.
As per requested, here is a little example of the card on Page 7.

I hope this inspires you guys and thanks so much for 15 fans!!! >u<
Early mornin' update~
Because I forget things way too easily, no matter importance... =A= ;;;
Contest info!!!
Alright, so as the poll on DA (and the turn out here, of course) has dictated, I will hold a contest!!
What is this contest? Well, I've already said that it will be one where you will design a spell card like that on page 7.
Spell cards are simple enough; They have an image of what the spell does roughly with the name of the spell across the center at 225(width)x300(height). 72 dpi is preferable, but whatever. That is all for the image.
A description of what the spell actually does is necessary. It doesn't have to be on the card, but hey, design it however you want. It's your spell card, do whatever you want to it.
Right. Well if I decide to enter, how do I? Simple. Just post your images somewhere (DeviantArt, Photobucket, Imageshack, many other sites that I have no idea about) and send a comment a link on this page and I'll be sure to see it. Trust me; I like reading though comments over and over again... 'cause I'm odd.
Okay, easy enough. Now what do I get if I win?
Well, you'd get to have your very own character as apart of the cast of Beyond Sanity (with all credit to you for the design). In their arsenal will be the spell card you have made for them!
Second and third winners will get a nice colored picture from me.
Lovely~. Anything else I need to know?
Of course. There's rules!
+Of course, plain and simple; Nothing that lasts forever. It must have some kind of time limit, whether it is until the caster calls time or whether it only lasts for ten seconds. Completely up to you, but please... nothing that causes ridiculous CAVE-ing please (no letting things last for infinity. It's boring).
+No copy-pasta images from other sources that are not your own. D: It's art theft, and I will not tolerate that.
+Please try to refrain from copying another's card word for word. Of course they can be of the same type (For instance a fire spell), but please don't have them have the same effects (both are homing fireballs at the enemy).

You can submit as many as you want. I think I'm going to let this go until page 15, so there's five weeks from now.
All entries are due at 11:59 PM, June 22nd.