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I like to draw, cosplay, play video games, watch anime. Ya'know the typical otaku stuff.
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    Rachael Westphal
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January 18th, 2012
Yay update where no one is deadish lol. Poor Herzy
January 15th, 2012
suddenly the lack of updates make sense, you got into homestuck lol <3

Sad to see them all die, but funny to have you do it this way. Hell you killed all your characters faster than Hussie
January 10th, 2012
Sorry I don't comment, but I really do love your work! This comic was one of my faves to see updated! T_T
Dude taking down ALL of the pokemon in the forest= charmander better be evolving soon lol.
kinda want a penis medallion now
glad art block is gone, going to miss vote incentives though, I liked those
September 25th, 2011
Happy Birthday...does that mean there are just going to be dicks everywhere now? Lol
yay another page! They just keep coming <3
Maybe Niya could step on him/kick him because he thinks he's just sleeping and that could knock the apple out/force a cough out of Snow
and now I'm imagining Snow as a cockroach/in a cockroach costume.
Yay another page! can't wait for more. Is there a reason you don't update your old Y! account with these pages? It's been a while so I can't remember if there was a reason or not
Last page of wonky ink. Miku's tail is just like a monkey's apparently. Akemi and Tomi are already buddies.
Bad car is bad. Jun is still holding a grudge and that hut is extremely crappy in quality
Look it's even toned! This and the next 2 pages are a little wonky because I was using some old dried up ink pens, but after that they should all be the same ink style
So the first 12 pages are all pencil...because i thought it would be dark enough to edit from...was wrong. Please make do on first 12 pages, will look nicer as we go.
It's been over a year since this has been worked on (B&B, not this new one) My tablet pen died so had to color this all with mouse. It sucked.
yeah you need to get unlazy because that scribble looks like it would be great porn lol
best page of any comic ever!
January 21st, 2011
SH intergrated hmm..., so Pyramid head rape scene? lol j/k. Loving the daily updates
Have to admit I've been pronouncing it that way when I read. I do that to a lot of words though lol
end of this little shortie