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Oh god
this page is just perfection <3
oh ho
Oscars been outed already so why doesn't he admit his love love for Jirou?
Honey baby deserves to hear sweet things from Oscar ;)
It was that freaky chick that ruined the romantic moment.
Oscar needs to get rid of her.
Now . . .
What jirou said in the first panel was the cutest thing ever and oscar just killed the entire moment.
You make me want to cry too oscar. . .
Oh god jirou's akwardness is too adorable! T_T Oscar I don't know how you're not all up in that business. I would have been.
:D Oh wow is alex his new muse now?
Oh god
;_; He is way too cute.
Wild imagination
:D I don't know why I expected something dramatic like her bitch slapping him in the face. Maybe even kicking his ass out the door . . .
<.< So alex then where are you homie . . .
-_- And you keep on blaming the alcohol. . . YOU KNOW YOU WANT THIS DEEP DOWN INSIDE!
I'm so glad you put this up. I was starting to think this comic was forgotten. :D I'm excited for you vacation to start . . . I need more of this fucking awesome comic.
February 28th, 2011
;) Kyandi stop playing homie . . . you guys are soooo friends.
February 23rd, 2011
-_- Lust could already see that gluttony is feeling horrible so why does he have to be such a jerk.
Gluttony looks gorgeous BTW.
-_-is so adorable.
My heart kinda melted.
February 21st, 2011
:( Feel better.
Sifris . . . why don't you sneak Terence in through your window all romantic like and let him sleep with you ;)
:o Oh snap, they're gonna get down and dirty soon.
Charlie does nice things in an asshole kinda way.
:)Gotta love the kid.
Alex no!
;)He needs to go on a date or get some lovin'!
When I saw the orange mane of hair I was like: This crazy mother fucker!
Ahhhh! The last panel was hilarious.
:) Its nice to start my day with a good laugh.