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Hey!Been a long time since I came here,years.When I was still a little kid drawing stupid things(that explained why the username's like this),s'not like there's any differences now.Yeah I deleted all those comic i've drawn that time.
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Hell yeah!lazy coloring,cuz I can~
Actually it's because I don't even know what does sassy mean at that time when I got Ace lol.(I'm not that sure now either)
Hey Guys(or nobody)!I'm back!
not really...I was planning to drop this,but suddenly I wanted to draw again.So yeah...It has been almost a year since I've post anything,I have a tablet now :'DD
I didn't use it to draw this page though,this page is drawn a longlonglonglonglong time ago.It wasn't finish at that time,I just suddenly feel lazy and stop and now I'm continuing :D
sorry for the lazy everything,I promise the next page will have a better quality than this.
And also,if you could,please ignore all the grammar mistakes n stuff like that.My first language is Chinese so bare with it.
>Change your cloth and eat pie
sorry if this page is a tiiinnyyy bit messy than the others...

i keep changing styles.Idk why.
W00t another color page!! just because I feel like it. also,I dunno if I should use the beginning style or this style :/
December 13th, 2011
>none of those work,so you just ignore them :l

Yep I'm being creative here
why does this always happens??
December 3rd, 2011
>Wash yourself with random shampoo
>eat dragon and become forever alone.
I'm trying a sketchier style,cause I'm lazy :P
I'm keeping each page a bit shorter from now on, nothing much happen in this page.
the lack of screen time of other teammates.
especially Hornie,the way he was caught n evolved, wasn't even shown properly...I'm SO SORRY HORNIEEE!!

also that route 3 & 4 thing,yeah that was stupid,I didn't play my nuzlocke run for a long time,so i forgot,then found out after that ekans fainted.
Woot a Color page! Never gonna do this again, I'm sticking with the easier style so deal with it.

I'm supposed to put the no duplicates rule for my nuzlocke run since i dislike catching the same pokemon....but nah!I don't like catching too much pokemon either,so yeah....:D

And also,I'm kinda pissed with smackjeeves' size upload limit thing.:/
brock has a fanclub full of GUYS HAHAHAHAHAH-*shot*
This page is pretty short.
i miss maplesstory....