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Methinks it's time to call a professional. Or maybe your talented friend from over at the Carphone Warehouse ;o.
"I live in California.
That means practically EVERYONE is on the other side of the country."

I live in Scotland, you almost live on the other side of the world. :(

And yes, nice angle. ;o
Caroline? o:

Nah, but seriously I have no idea where you live.
I sooo want that game. Final Fantasy kicks ass. :>
This comic if full of win.

Also, this comic was sooo weird. You had arms in every panel this time!
Now that you can use your phone, you can talk to your new best friend all the time. :D
You actually managed two per day? I am impressed if that is true.
I did the same thing when I was off school for Study Leave for the last month. Stayed up until around the same time and then got up at 12/1pm.
I wonder if he checks this comic for updates? :D And I haven't talked to him, like, at all, so I had no idea he was so obsessed.
Did the ladies swoon at your feet?
Good to know we cheered you up. :D
Also <3 I was mentioned.
Just so you know, I check this comic for updates more regularly than Allan.
The suspense is killing me here. I need moar. D:
Let's hope you can get a new job. D:
And at least you're away from those dicks.
I smell a spin off comic.
There better be hot chicks, or the next comic wont be as interesting.
Blitz likes to make your comic interesting.
Forgot about Left4Dead.

There are just too many zombie games, you know? Either that or I'm just too uncool.

Uk: A land of merry wonderment and constant surprise, lurking in every shadow to knife you and steal your monies. Wait. That's Scotland.