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*inserts something witty and sarcastic here*
Nozombier - Funny thing is that he probably really does just want her to stay for dinner. D: lol.

Solara - FFF. QAQ Daaww. It makes me all floaty inside when I hear that is manages to make someone's day. Thankyou so muchh~~

Sikina - Finally pulling this effing candlestick out. 8D;

And deep down, Spades it just a loveable.... um... annoying lunatic. 8D

Suki - Funny. That's exactly what's going through her mind. 8D Huh.

Faithless.Child - lol, I likes drawing that second panel too. I try too make sure I don't overdo chibis during this part of the chapter, but it was fun. ;u;

And sorry... it took so long to get this stupid page up. ;u; I should have gone faster for you.

Mythee - PFFFT. Just a LITTLE bit. 8D

I'm glad you like the new colors for them. ;u; I need to try and page sure not everyone is wearing purple. But because everything tints purple when you step into the castle, it tends to look like it.

Nitsuru - D8 He looks sexy in every panel? Psshh.. *looks at the last panel in this page* I don't think so darling. <3

Trash - Why of course. He is a gentleman after all. (' u' ) Ohohoho~

MrMonochromatic - TOO LATE. 8D

AmorriBlossom - Yeaaah... he can be pretty... straight forward. 8'D

Noelle - It's okay. Spades is there. :U *gets slapped*

Delition - YA WATEVAR. :U You need me for like emotional support an stuff. >:U >:U

And PFFFT. SHUSH. That's so not true. Not only is this page shitty, but I went crazy trying to get it finished anyway. ;D; Buh.

Epistaxis - Hahaha. Yes. He probably has that in mind, that creepo. XD

GreenEyedFool - Sorry for taking so long to get back to you on that. I use a tablet, paint tool sai, and photoshop 7.0. c:

Qlock - LOL ORZ I know. He really is talking innocently, but it's so easy to take everything he says out of context because... well.. it's Spades. ORZ

SakuraTenshi - Hahaha. Nawww. It's gonna turn out a bit differently than that. But we WILL definitely see that last part in this chapter. ;u;

Simica - Hahaha, yes~ I finally got around to drawing her fully panicking. ;u;

MaddiCatty - LOL. He's not that cool, hon. Really. :P

TokyoAfterSunset - FFFF. *tears up* You really just made my day with this comic. I'm so happy to know you're sticking around to see it revive. And I'm really glad you're liking it so far. ;u;

I'll be sure to kick the twins in soon. So thankyou thankyou thankyou~ <33
I have absolutely no good reason as to why this took forever to finish other than I'm a moronic lazy ass. I'm so sorry about that. ;A;


Gonna take me a bit to post comment responses, but they'll be up in a bit. ORZ ORZ ORZ

Thankyou so much for your patience and fantastical comments~ ;u;
February 17th, 2011
Psssh. Yeah. I would be like fuck rowing too. >D> Too much work. Too little of a reward.

And you're the only one who can put tentacles in a scene and it being perfectly fine. :P <333
Oooh, that middle panel is so detailed! *D* It looks beautiful, bebe! <33

I'm so excited to see Sebastian, though~ he was my favorite character in the movie. c: Still it~~

Absolutely beautiful page, mah lovely! *D*
February 16th, 2011
Ahhh, so beautiful~ *D* You're so talented! Eee! Can't wait to see more~! <3
February 15th, 2011

GSADHGS BBYYYY you updateddd!!! ;u; I'm so proud of you eeee!!! It turned out so beautiful, you don't even know how happy I am to see an Annarki page again!

NAO DO DA NEXT PAGE. *CRACKS WHIP* Hahaha, I'm just kidding. :U *noshesnot*

Eeee, Kaoru~~~ I'm so happy so see him again!! ;A; How I missed you sooo~ <333
Third panel is my favorite. <3
Echocave - lol, give it a moment.

Delition - Hahaha, you've got such weird taste in guuys, bby. >u>

SolaratheHedgehog - Thanks, I'm very happy to hear that. XD

sarydactl - That's Spades in a nutshell. Hohoho. =u=

bloodcandy - Thankyou very much. c:

Sikina - You'll be happy with the next page. Indeed. =u=

Nitsuru - My brother said the second panel makes him laugh too. Probably because he looks like a psycho. :U Hahah.

AmoriiBlossom - He's mixed up like that. =u= Hahah.

RazorD9 - LOLOL. He has good intentions. But because he looks like a lunatic, it can me easily misread. =u=

Trash - lol, thank you!

Simica - Oh, she definitely is. She'll show it on the next page, don't you worry. You're so sweet though, thank you. ;u; <3

the-star-samurai - HAHAHA. You shouldn't provoke him. XDDD

Neku_X - This page kind of contributes to what you though. XD

Shisaru-Chan - Spades loves you too. c:

Suki - LOL. You're right about that. He tends to be more invasive of personal space. <3

Mythee - Dawww. Thank you so much. ;u; I'm happy you like the page. I dunno about being able to stay in a story like this though. =u= I'm excited to draw the next page.

Mikashi - Hahah, aww. Thanks. XD I'm flattered.

amiko_16 - I'm glad I was able to make it look creepy enough. ;u;

shibagal - XDD I wouldn't be too shocked if that's what she was thinking about internally.

MrMonochromatic - Thankyou very much. QuQ

Iris Purple - Thank you soooo much! I'm so happy to hear that and I'm totally flattered you would like to continue reading.

I can't wait to get back to where we left off. Lots of changes were rewritten. =u=

Nozombier - Hahaha, thanks sooo much. ;u; Speaking a weapon though, we'll definitely be seeing that in the next page. =u=

Luciferwolf - As hilariously awkward as that is to hear. I am strangly flattered. Thank you. =u=

Faithless.Child - LOL. Thank you so much. X3 And psssh, that's just his regular face. >u>

einnic - I wouldn't put it past her to just hav ea heart attack and fall over. XD

SakuraTenshi - He definitely does. She'll display it on the next page. XD
There's a new profile in the cast section. Was gonna wait awhile to put the twins up, but beeeh, why not. :U
February 5th, 2011
LMAO. ;u; Love that last panel. Too effing adorable. GAAAH. *huggles Jeanne*

But man.. a rowboat. Her arms are gonna fall off by the time she reaches the rest of the class. @A@ Rowing by yourself sucks.
February 5th, 2011
NAO KISS AND MAKE UP. >:U *pushes their faces together* ...well... it worked with my barbie dolls when I was a kid. DD8

I got how detailed your pages have been getting. *A* There's eye candy for me to look at on each page. <3
January 31st, 2011
Panel 8 is absolutely my favorite. I LOVE getting to know more about Gail's past bit by bit. Hopefully we'll get a flashback of "him" eventually? Awesome, awesome!

Anyway, another amazing page as always, Amiko. *u* <3

AND LOL. That crack pairing, wtf Ami. >D> <333 Hahaha.
Rin_Soul - LOL. Choice B is Lala's. But yeah, running would probably be the best thing to do. ;D

Sikina - Hahaha. Yeah, he's gonna be like that throughout the comic. ;D

IceyT - LMAAAAOO... What are you talking about, rape face? He looks like that all the time!! :U <33

Also, I find it hilarious that people are happy to see Spades, but then automatically follows up with telling Lala to kick him in the gonads. XD

Nya-chan - Don't worry, it's coming. Just... not with a frying pan. >u> Wait for it. Haha.

Faithless.Child - lol, sorry about that. XD;;

Delition - Bby, stop touching stuff the moment they go up. 8DD Haha, thanks, I'm glad the shading looks okay.

ristuko - I would be absolutely thrilled to see more art from you again. ;u; Please take as much time as you need to see to IRL stuff first. That's much more important. ;D

AmoriiBlossom - Yup. Sucks to be Lala though. c:

RazorD9 - I've gotten that a couple of time. Kouta Hirano uses shadows to magnify the impact of his art and he does it magnificently. He's an inspiration to me. <3

Nozombier - LOLOHGOD. I can see the start of this series turning out a whole lot worse if he is a grumpy waker. DD8

RoninAway - So do I. ;u;

Qlock - LULZ. Sorry about that. Sorry it took so long to get this page up. Blarrg. =D=

Amiko - Spades says hi to you back. ;u;

Shibagal - Haha, I'm glad to see you're so happy. ;u;

Nitsuru - That's my fauly, sorry bout that. XD Haha. It took me 16 pages to finally get him to show up.

Trash - Ahaha. Thankyou! XD

xArcaneWish - Don't worry, she'll get around to it when she... you know... realizes what's going on. >D>

Simica - He sure is. ;D

T*S - I'm gonna put special attention into making him even more loosey goosey than before. =u=

MrMonochromatic - Hehehe. Thanks. XDD

SakuraTenshi - Thanks so much, that week off ended up taking more time than I wanted, and not by choice. Sorry about that. @A@

Luciferwolf - Hehe, wait for it. XD

Paniick - Yes, I definitely know of Neauro, but to be completely honest, I've only read around 1 chapter/episode. But I just couldn't get into it for some reason. And yeah, in black & white, Spades looking strikingly like him. Thank god it's a whole different story when you see Spades in color. XD;

MaddiCatty - Don't hit your head, hon. ;D

lisu - Same here. I need tomake sure I pace myself not to have a bunch of them show up at once though, cause then it gets confusing and distracting. @u@ Haha.

KanakoAyume - Thank you very much!

Shisaru-Chan - LOL... dawww, thanks. ;u;

sarydactl - Thankyou very very much. Before the comic started again, I was practing really hard to make the art look better. I'm glad it does, even if it's only a little bit. ;u;

Neku - I appreciate you coming back to see him again! <3 Thankyou!
Okay.. the reason why it's so late. I have a good excuse--er... reason. DD8 My dumbass pc that was revived broke down again. And even my brother who revived it the first time is shaking his head at it. So... yeah. I had to move all my stuff onto this laptop that isn't mine. Which means updates will be kind of weird for a little while until I get a new pc. But.. here it is! Sorry about that everyone!
January 20th, 2011
What did you do for the buildings? They look magnificent. *u* I love how busy the page looks. Beautiful job!!

And it's awesome to see these two again. I'm beginning to really enjoy this duo. ;D
Sami - Ohohoho, yup! c:

Simica - Woot!! Free hugs! c:< *tackles*

Faithless.Child - M'dear, you've got strange tastes. :D;

Sikina - Only just a little bit. c:..... Actually, no, it is. :(

Nozombier - Hehehe, who was right? You were. >:3

SolaratheHedgehog - Aww, thanks so much. That makes my heart jump happily to hear that~~ <3

MaddiCatty - Hey hon!! It sure is. ;D

Suki - Indeedee. *rubs hands together* Mouhahahahaaagack.. *coughs*

ristuko - Is it creepy if I say that makes me happy? D: <3

Mythee - I did, but they were old, the art style was ugly, I hated them, and I wanted to make sure everyone gets a fresh new picture in the characters section. c:

IceyT - Awww man, hearing the Count's laugh makes me feel so nostalgic. *u* Hehehe.

Kurimishu - Ohohoooooo. Someone's a rebel. ;D
And heckya! You've no idea how excited I am to hear you as Lala! ;D It's gonna be magnificent, I'm sure~

AmoriiBlossom - Indeed~

Nitsuru - Will do. *salutes* >:3

Joe - By my impatience I suppose, lol.
And thanks for your opinion about doing colored splash pages and covers for each chapter. I'm definitely gonna do that!
The end. Thanks for reading.

In all seriousness, I need to take a week off from the comic to work on stuff.... for the comic. :| Need to work on that picture for the new layout I keep waving off, and I need to finish the lineart for the twins so that I'll be able to get their profile up soon. c:

I'll be posting progress of the stuff I'm working on in my twitter here:
If you'd like to follow me, let me know what your SJ name is so I can follow you back and not think you're just a random person. ;u;;

I'll have another page up for you next week! Thanks so much everyone! I appreciate your support and comments as always!!
Aww, Liam doesn't want Charlie to see him cry. ;~; You can't hide that stuff from Charlie though, Liam. DD: <333 He KNOOWSS.
Lately, I haven't been able to look at any of these pages without thinking "d'awwww Liaaamm". ;u; Poor lil guy.

And fourth panel is extremely well drawn. c: Beautiful job as always.
January 15th, 2011
Man, I LOVE the way you word out Ness' accent. XD It's perfect.

And I can't help but find that third panel adorable as hell. I wish I had a plush of Jeanne. ;u;