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abdie the hedgehog

K so yeah.....

I like rock, punk rock, Jamming out, That and ?Drug's loooooooot's of drug's,
Ok but yeah I like Dr.pepper bitch.

so yeah........

I don't give a damn...
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    Abdie Darkrin Kuria
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Haven't shown Crodack in a while.

Well here he is in some sonic style thing I found....

Also drawing
Drew cant you read right?


New comic By me and zone go fav now!
New sexy comic skill's
Ult my new account needs privileges
The new one is the one on the right,
This is my 5 only I've done more I lost them though XC
Not bad for a custom my Rage,
If you want I could help you custom
Considering Ben is real name Mabye.
Wooh ladies,
TSS3 is up and running.
Trust me this is going to be more strict.
If you join you have to update at least once a month,
Be a good spriter not really that hard a and no flame wars we already dealt with those enough.

So I've been doing customs for a while now,
But it becoming harder when I shade.
I liked it up until I 2 one it looked good then I made it look terrible.

By 2 I mean before I added the jacket.
Jade you beast make my request first,
Revamp of Abdie
Sup nolds!
Awesome sprite as always.
Can I Join?
Behold sprite change!! Help me deiced
Exclane is ky best friend here so...... I know what he thinks
Well whatever do you wanna be friends or not.
Well still I could help you and maybe be better fruenss"
Well if you had an msn pm me and we can argue "talk"
Fine 5:30 western time which is when I get home
^No I want to get into this, It's fun to argue . And we haven't done argued in months now >C