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Slash Segary
I can see why this makes you see red when talking about it.
-in a 1950s announcer voice- How will our heroes overcome this death defying Balloon hanger? Will they have to keep talking? Can there be some ability that has been forgotten?
Will there be sandwiches during the next lunch gathering? Tune in next time to find out some of these answers and more!
Patreon wouldn't hurt to do at all I think you should look into doing it all the same. I don't think it could hurt. =D
Well, can't blame a guy for being honest heh.
Okay, so the thing that happened in last night's session that Niv is a part of also has him involved as well. Sooo...Have fun!
Gunz...yes lotz o gunz and glandz and doorz and cakez
Gate Why
Hello, I have introduced Agent! He is an agent of ECOM. For those that get the reference Thank Gate for it. =D
Hey, don't worry that worm escaped through the ground.
Gate, you are just a Cut above the rest!
Not the most poetic person in the world. But she did come out fists first. The Doctor had it coming to them. Looking glass lost though, and well the doctor came out with a black eye.
YAY I posted something.
Psst the one that is wearing ROGS is that Nemesis.
Well, that's all I have to say about that.
This character is such a simple minded person that they do not need to worry about too much, except the essentials.

Yes, fighting and food are the essentials. =3
Looking Glass totally didn't just make up the names right on the spot. Nope.
>Change Focus on Gata to see what mess he may have gotten himself into.
And yes, one of ROG's most happy times isn't now. YAY for happy memories from Looking Glass~
Step 2: Dress the Part!