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Caffienated Sponge
I make pretty bits of paper. When I'm working well, I feel I invest them with a piece of myself.

At that rate, I'll soon be all gone.
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Okay, I've been away for months, and just checked the latest before diggoing back to where I left off...

What can I say? On the one hand, I'm looking forward to seeing your new project .. I really love the art and I found the story very engaging too. I can totally see that there are potential issues if someone else had first claim to central characters, but I'm really not sure this means you can't use them per se if they were created together, If you are requested not to, that's different, of course.

To be fair, as long as I've been following NB there's been teh explanation about how 'the nerdy boy' came about, but author's wishes must be respected.

I'm sad to see NB go, but can't wait to see the redevelopment!
Yay! Missed square pegs...

Yaaay! ITI lives again!

I really love this page. Your colour/shade seems to have come on a long way... not that it wasn't really nice anyway, but the first panel here especially feels much more mature style-wise. Tony is such a cute little dork... how can anyone throw things at him?

Totally understand about the work schedule thing... I actually haven't been here for months because of something very similar plus doggies to take care of...

Hope you can keep it up, even if a little erratically.... I mean, I'm still waiting for Kamibana to be able to release Loveless 83... and I have webcomics I still check on that haven't updated in nearly a year... Patience is a virtue, and asyou say, this shouldn't be about feeling like work for you...

Thankies! \^_^/
Hmms! What's Mayuu up to in secret, then?

Never mind boys... just cos you don't want to go straight home to Akira's nasty brother doesn't mean you actually need to be helping Mayuu home...
WTF is Liam doing in that cubicle while Peter's outside washing his hands then?

Sry. Dirty mind.
Poor John. I know he's nowhere on this page, but let's face it... he's gonna have to pick up the pieces...

Peter wouldn't have to try very hard to peg LiamxCharlie at this point. Sadly he'd be wrong... that would be far too simple!

HOW brightly does Charlie blush?

Love your new avvie! ^_^
...wouldn't be anything to do with getting away from Akira's delightful brother, would it? ^_-

Mayuu's so polite it's almost painful to watch!
Are you allowed to say Mama-chan in polite company? ^_^

Srsly cute page though! Kaa-san seems pleased with her son's choice of 'girlfriend'... Just as well she likes Shiba-kun too! ^_^
I'm looking forward to finding out exactly what Charlie's so upset about people knowing about... I get the feeling it's nothing quite so obvious as his orientation. Granted, the clothes don't maketh not the queen, but his dress sense does kind of draw attention...

That's a pretty lame teacher rescue.

Like the way you're still switching background colours for internal dialogue!
Well, he's (Chikusa) not been shown in a very good light so far... (even if that is quite a cool bunny on his jacket) and it would take quite a bit to redeem himself for friendly brotherly rape and abuse...

Shiba looks ready to kill! Lawls at Mayuu's uncertain face! ^_^
Okay, so this is Charlie's reputation based on past actions come back to haunt him and not just a reaction to his dress sense and possibly mis-placed bravado? Still not to be excused.

Quite nice (ab?)use of color cues and mood for great graphic effect. This is a really stressed scene, but the visual mood can't quite decide between happy and playful or apocalyptic!

Granted, jocks are normally cast as less-than-bright (wouldn't know, sports never interested me) but surely a very public bar at a school dance isn't the best of places to be perpetrating hate crimes?
Ttly agree, shounen-ai pretty much by definition doesn't give a toss about reality, and given the target audience couldn't really be expected to be exploring MxM relationship/gender identity issues. Typically it's idealized and aimed squarely at a mostly female readership. In that respect, GH is mixing the shojo with the josei.

It's this sort of niche I particularly like, personally. Plain vanilla shojo/shounen-ai tends to be a bit light on actual story for my taste.

I'm all for bringing realism to stories! There's so much for me to love with this comic. I love the edgy feel to the art, the use of color, the expressiveness of the characters, the actual characterizations, the story, I could go on. GH totally rocks in every respect as far as I'm concerned, and if it ever hits print, it's going on my shelf as soon as I can get me a copy... ^_^
Um. I think I've already said all I want to about queer-bashing. It's very nice that the President of the United States of America doesn't like it. Strictly it's illegal in the UK, too, but it still happens. Laws against it aren't the answer, building a world where small minded people don't hate anything different to their experience is.

Randomly, I heard on the radio last week or maybe the week before that an OFSTED inspector (they check up on teaching standards in UK schools) objected to a teacher initiating discussion on 'Xenophobia' and how to spell and use the word, as apparently it was too adult a concept for 12 year olds.
Gotta hand it to Chikusa... he's gonna get well and truly pwn'd if Mayuu and Shiba decide they don't appreciate his rudeness.

Akira looks like he's about to restrain Shiba already. (who looks ready to jump Chikusa)

Plus, referring to his brother as 'Akira-chan' in front of friends especially is quite rude. Is he actually fishing for a reaction?
I'd say Zee has a case of confused identity too.

Then again, it doesn't really matter as it works for him and Eez.

It's only really an issue because he's probably going to confuse Tony even more than the poor love already is.

I do hope Tony gets better advice from the next person he speaks to... or that Zee gets his head out of wherever it is and realises that Tony's not actually asking him about his preferences so there's no need to protect his own self-image...

Oh, and yes. short or long tees for preference please... ^_-
Last two panels are completely awesome...
^_^ 'Have fun with that' PML...
Just what she needs to lift her out of that funk.

What a nice boy Akira-kun is!
I liked the blue! It really suited the mood, but I really lie that you aren't obsessing keeping a homogenous look. Some things need that sort of formality, but GH is a bit too off-the-wall for that, and suits the lively approach.

So much to choose from as usual, but panel 2 gets my vote this time! So simple and so good!
Page is just win.

I prefer Liam in panel 3, but there's room for everyone. Maybe it's just because I know exactly how he feels in this panel. <sniff> Poor Liam. Panel 6 is cute in a puppyish way, I guess...

Panel 5 answers my questions about Peter I think.