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Power leader of Team SMG

I'm Tim, I'm currently authoring Stargate Rising and overall trying to be creative. Certainly hope it works well!
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Glandor: This basically sums up the war effort.

A tactician would never resort to the same strategy twice.

or thrice

or quadrice...

sectice...'re really REALLY bad at this.
I will have you know...

I don't have money for food. I have to scavenge where I can.

I use my money for more important things...such as jetpacks.

Jetpacks are important.
Venus: Easy boys~ I'm sure I can handle you alll~

Venus: I See you Syogreeeeen~ *wink* *Crazed smile*

Jess is 19 and Glandor is 25...however Gata brought her back from the was weird.

space time continuum crap.
When I set out on Jess' personality...well.

Pretty much take Tumblr and make it into a person.

Most of the time she's bubbly and fangirlish, willing to ship any two who might look at each other in a certain way, and she enjoys a lot of geeky stuff. She's also kind of a perv.

However she's prone to random bouts of rage and moodswings, basically she can get pretty cold and angry for no apperant reason...however this is usually to people she keeps at an arms' length.

so she has a strong sense of justice, bubbly if not unstable nature...also she is trained as an Anterian inquisitor...which is sort of like a James Bond type spy...or a Spectre

I hope I'm explaining her alright guys.
Venus: Aura, I will break your cheeks if you make fun of my fur again 3: <

@Muddy Nope actually, this is just something I made while bored.
This is what happens when you're bored and you've had one too many mountain Dews...this is the Death Gata, the flagship of the REvolutionary fleet...

They have the DEathstar, they have the Deathegg...but the Death Gata has floofy hair.

This is not intended to be good...And hopefully I will have something worthwhile to contribute to the showcase soon.
Glandor: none are beyond favorite saying.
Notice this.
Notice Gatas' entranced is the worst entranced face.

However it will be explained soon.
Apologies this is late
I have been on vacation and I haven't had a whole lot of internet or anything of the sort so...yeah. Sorry
Well then
I just have to say thanks to Niv for providing the tails on the speech bubbles and proper text for Glandor. Now that I see how it's done I can do it easier now. Once again the gate doesn't blend all that well but I'll have it fixed in the next comic.
THe first chapter.
I realize the gate doesn't blend well, if anyone has suggestions on that point I'd love to hear them. :3
Honest mistake, seriously XD It won't happen again don't worry.
Here it is
The teaser for Stargate Rising is here, coming this spring(hopefully...if I'm not lazy). This will be out of normal continuity and is just something for fun, similar to what Niv is doing, cameos are being accepted, thanks!

Glandor: Hey, I have a wife that did that to me the first time we met...I don't need any more than that.
The odd thing is that this is not the weirdest thing that has happened to