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November 9th, 2011
They had sex and now he doesn't look sick, I bet he's an incubus~ lol
September 16th, 2011
Kiiiinda with sis on this one.
Lol, oh Barry. Could you be any creepier? Probably not. Although I do find their weird, secretive friendship rather endearing.

Also, Jordan and Araceli are both looking especially lovely in the last panel there.
I vote short stories! I bet they'll still be awesome! :D
Haha, aww, I like Tweety's family. They're sweet, even if they're spoiled. XD

And I hope you feel better! Good luck with your writing and everything. :)
I love these two. They are ridiculous and awkward and beautiful and I love it. I don't even care if they get together or stay awkwardly bromantic friends or anything, I just want them to keep doing what they do forever.

Also, is it just me or does Brodie have a penchant for deeply ambiguous friendships?
Dude, whoa, I never realized that Crystal is kind of really tall. o.o I love her dress, though! It's so pretty.

Oh, Kaori. Just. Oh.
Awww, I LOVE BRODIE. He is the sweetest of hearts. Having a best friend is truly a wonderful thing, and I am glad that these two can have this kind of relationship, even if they are both ridiculous.
I know I'm supposed to be loling at Reese's misfortune, but I sincerely cannot decide if I find his face as he trips or Ronnie's face in the last panel funnier. For real, I can't look at either of them without cracking up.

And I hope that Eidel and Varya get better. I like them together. :<
fff. These two. I had pretty much completely forgotten about them, but now I am so so glad you brought them back in. They so cute. I love their awkward sort-of-gay-maybe-BUT-NOT-TOO-GAY ridiculousness. It kind of makes my life. <3

Also Patrick is way too attractive in that first panel, goddamn. I'm a sucker for green eyes.
Oh my gosh, All of those little broken up tentacle-y bits are so pretty. '0' I think I like Klaus this way. <3
Dude, I don't know why this comic is losing fans. Even though I only comment on it occassionally, I've been following it for like, 2 years (I only recently overcame the fear that I would say something excessively stupid and everyone would hate me), and it seriously makes my day. Like, every Sunday I get a little sad cause I know there will be no JH update. So basically this is great, you're great, everything about this comic is great, and I hope you feel better soon. :)

Also: oh, Everly. I love how pants is evidently the only coherent word he can think of right now. XD
D'awww! Nick is the biggest doof. I love it. And Holly is as adorable as ever. :D She's supportive, she just shows it in odd ways. XD

@Vampypire: Dude, me too! Weird.
Ooh! Flora looks so pretty! I love her shirt. <3

Go Panagiotis! I have faith that one day you'll be a totally badass UFC fighter!
Dude. How do you even get that happy? I'm incredibly jealous of their ridiculous, hammy awesomeness.
Poor little Derek. Even though he sort of had it coming, you still have to feel bad for him.

But Vito. Really. How are you the nicest. At this rate, Vito is well on his way to becoming one of my favorites. He just seems like a ginormous sweetie. :)

Also I just noticed how huge Vito's hand is on Derek's shoulder. Derek's not even that little, is he? Holy crap.
Ffff, Tierney, so cute! That second panel is so adorable I wanna cry. j _ j

Also, I kind of want these two to be best bros forever. They seem like they would be awesome buddies.
Awww, Tierney. He is just a scrawny little bundle of love. He sort of reminds me of Everly, but less shota. And his Vito-crush. Socute. I think I officially like him.
November 1st, 2010
Hahaha, oh, old westerns. What are you even. And poor little Everly looks so bewildered.

Rfff, Vito. So much love. I just kind of have a thing for big/tall/whatever people, really, so Vito there is right up my alley. Also, much love for his hair. <3

Thekla's also pretty great- she seems saucy.
I think probably my favorite part of this page is how deeply disturbed/concerned Reardon looks in the last panel.