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K so my interests are Video games, music, card games, and comics. Wide range of comics from The Amazing Spiderman to Yu-gi-oh. I like both western and eastern comics in total.

Got time on my hands doing Twewy sprites. If you have a character that you have in a different style pm me the sheet and I can do a couple.

Support me in my League of Legends endeavor
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gets better then worse then better
yah so some people need to pm me if there a are player or reaper for week 3. Also dont worry about the backgrounds for now i got it. Also the plot is alot more new player friendly since RG no longer pilots Raine.
You guys are the players really up to you guys if you want to promote this on sj, try shameless advertisement. also read the news post
Weeks done
Ok so for those who are left here, there are two things that can happen. One is week 3 which I already prepared for completely but need players. or 2 i make a quick epilogue for the series and mark it as complete.
More details should come tomorrow.

Also Aids if you read this I need help fixing the template, sorry for screwing around with it after donater expired.
yah finishing the comic right now so come to the chat learn a few things about the new week
lied april 1
no, should be up march 31
hahahahahaha you guys don't know what i have planned. also i took RO comments is that my dead line is april first.
calm your tits something will be up by nextweek
Because you think she can change and that you were going to have a good time again together but then she stabs you in the back.
Fuck yah
k looking forward to part 2
I might if you dont want too
Neither do I so temp fix till week 3, also fixing some of the other things wrong, aids I need you!
*Edit template is fixed, still trying to find the old banner. I guess we need a new one for week 3 anyways so lets end this
Hm god fixing fires
Zman want to help with week 3? You don't have to enter but just keep this boat a float.
cool yah feel free to kill of more guys >.> cept you know the important ones, like all of them..... Cept 1 of them is disposable. Ill let you guess. Also i see the noise flame but during week 1 like everyone died cept 2.