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Manga, anime, J-pop, drift car racing, Japanese motorcycles, shoe shopping, gin martinis, Coach handbags, art history, eating good food, drawing, sleeping, stuffed toys, Studio Gibli films...lots of other stuff.

Allergies, sun burn, wishy-washy people, careless drivers, litter, sirens, cold weather, vacuuming...lots more that would make me seem disagreeable if I listed it all.

Art gallery curator and artist's assistant.

To do list:
Actually complete the damn comic!
Go to Japan.
Ooh! I actually toned this one! I had to because it would have looked too bare not to.'s another page, albeit a screwed up one. This is what you get for not working on your comics for a whole year. LOL! Urm...regarding the panel STARTS OFF right to left, but ENDS UP left to right. Yeah. Sorry about that. I'll fix it another time. For now, please enjoy!
Well Jeez Louise, Hot Damn and What The Hell...

Urm, yeah. It's a new page. Sort of. After over a year of not posting, I've finally decided that I've got to put up what I've already got lying around...finished or not.

The fact is, my dear Friends and Fans, I do not have the time anymore to continue with a comic that takes 4+ hours per page to complete. Life in all its "terrible everyday" has taken over. (full time job, making money, making a know.)

I'm so grateful to everyone who continually checks AK in the vain hope for something more. I owe you a depth of gratitude for respecting me as an artist and a storyteller, plus having boundless patience with me.

I'll try and at least finish the first I said one year ago. I'm not going to stress about completing tones and crap though, so you're just going to have to take it as it comes, whenever it comes.

I owe you all so much more, but unfortunately, this is all I can give at this time.

With my Sincerest Thanks,
Well, finally...LOL! An interesting fact: This point in the story was where I left off drawing AK in my little sketch book and decided to make it an online comic. So, we've come full circle, so to speak. Still many pages more till the end of Volume One though. ^__^

In other News: I've got a new comic!!

Well, it's actually more than one. It's an anthology of short stories.

Pages will be posted on a weekly basis for the duration of each short story. And don't worry, I'll be continuing AK at the same time.

Please check it out...and fav it if you'd like. ^_^

Link can also be found on the LINKS section of this webcomic.
To all my friends and fans,

May your Christmas be full of happiness and joy, and your New Year's full of parties and booze...kidding, or maybe not. ^_~

I'm hoping to work on AK over my miniscule and almost non-existent Christmas break (I'm working today, joy of joys), but my eczema is flaring up again, so I can't promise anything.

Please enjoy this little Holiday greeting, and thank you all from the bottom of my heart for continuing on this journey with, kanarazu!

*snowflake brushes credit: scully7491
Tater is the cutest! I love how you draw cute things...argh *dies of cuteness*.
"Dontgonearthe Castle" LOL!!! Yay for Terry Pratchett. ^___^
Cute and funny!

I'm glad you got a nice Secret Santa this year Murira! ^___^
Kuromei--Rhyming is good! Heeee!

Imaginary Friends--aww, no should see how dead I am when I come home from work everyday.

Charlikins--^___^ Thanks so much for waiting, and waiting, and waiting...

Heldrad--Hey!! Long time no see. I was looking at your comic the other day and realizing to myself that others have been on hiatus too. Awesome fan count jealous. ^_~
Imaginary Friends and Enna-chan--Have I been away that long? You've forgotten the story line! Or are you just being funny with the "what's he going to do with that sword" comments? O_o Sorry if this comic's sporadic updates have made you lose track of the can always go back and read it again though. ^_~

KingV--Thanks! I'm pretty pleased with the last panel too...pretty simple but effective.

Sami--^__^ I live to make you happy. LOL! Seriously though, your comments always mean a lot to me.

!!!DREA!!!--Thank you! What an enthusiastic username and avatar you have. ^_^
Hey all, weren't expecting another update so soon, were you? ^____^ I figured that while my hands were doing well, I'd better jump at the opportunity and get some drawing in. My medicated cream is sorta working, but there are a few new spots cropping up...grrrrrr.

I realized that I never did a Chapter 3 end page!! So...if you go back two pages, you'll see I've added one now.

I quite like doing the chapter ends because it allows me to do a more casual sketch of the characters, and they often turn out with an intimate air about them.

Hey everyone!

I've got the world's best fans, I tell ya! ^___^ Reading your comments is what keeps me going.

I'm pretty excited about Chapter 4 and hope to have the next page up after the weekend. Please look forward to it!

Anyone completed their Christmas shopping yet? I've barely made a dent in my list....sigh.
Holy Crap!! It's a new page!
Unfortunately, it's only a cover page, but hey, better than nothing right? *___*

Sorry I've been away for so many weeks. I've been struggling with a new job that has had me working overtime (and not paid either, cus I'm salary) from the very first week I started, and also I've been suffering from very bad eczema on my hands.

I want to thank all those involved again for participating in the Halloween Contest. The pictures (some of them) are up in the gallery section. I'll put the rest of them up there soon, but I just got sick of dealing with the html.

As well, I've got a new drawing up in my section of the gallery. It's the first drawing I was able to do in a long while, signaling the recovery of my hands from the terrible eczema that afflicted them. Please check it out! ^__^

Thanks so much to every one of you who's stuck by me through thick and thin! If you chance by the NEWS section on the homepage, you'll know that Chapter Four is the last chapter in Volume one! Yahoo!
Yusu--?? You can't see the story? That's very odd...perhaps a problem with SJ's servers? If you're referring to why I haven't been updating, I will be soon. I've just been going through a spat of health problems.

Please keep checking back, I hope to have new pages up before Christmas.
LOL! It's nice to receive comments almost a year after I've done the page...^_^

If Kirbyeverest ever comes by this comment section again, I just wanted to say, thanks for the concern, but if you notice in the margin below the top frame in the comic page, I do say that the play is in English. ^_~

Thanks again, and to you papajohn for clarifying.
te-chan--thank you!

justanotherfangirl--Jon IS a sweetie...he's also a retard sometimes, but then again, all men are. >___<

Hyatt--PLEASE send me artwork! PLEASE!! ;P Check back Friday for the details!

Kento-Kun--Thanks so much! I am considering self-publishing it once I finish the volume.

GothiqueSukkubus--You know, you've given me an idea. I might either open it to both visual and literary art, or I might create a separate category for creative writing. Please join in!
Hey Sami! Your comments are always always much appreciated. ^__^

Yes, yes! A Halloween drawing contest! I've never hosted one before, but I figure it would be more fun than an ordinary drawing contest.
Pic_chick--Yay for you! ^_^ Umm...don't hold your breath for the next may be a while. *runs away* >.<

Murira--La my dear, what did you think? That Atsushi was anything other than the quintessential uke with all the classic uke traits? Ho ho ho ho...gentile lady laugh. ;P we come to the end of another chapter...
Took bloody long enough didn't it! LOL!

I'm going to be putting up a little drawing/painting/creative whatnot competition for all you gals and guys for Halloween! Yahoo!! My favourite time of year! ^___^

I've been longing for some new fanart...sob, sob, pity a poor love-starved artist...and thought a little incentive just might do the trick. ^_~

Please check back on Friday for the posting of Ai, Kanarazu!'s Halloween Contest. Thanks for your continued love and support!
HOlyhandgranade--LOL! Yeah, I'm surprised they didn't die of starvation first. ^__^ Missed you!'s not so bad. I'd gladly go back to school and avoid my 9-5.

N15H--I hope you feel better now. ^_~

wax911--yes, yes, I'm sorry. *_* Sometimes life (and floods) get the better of you.
Tisiphone--Thank you!

KingV--Yaaah! Hello there! ^___^ I missed you too. Come on...surely you know what David is going to do...what he almost always does...he IS the uke after all. ^_~